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How to 2: how to dress patio doors

We love patio doors that give us stunning views over the garden - especially in the summer time when all the flowers are in bloom and the grey skies have lifted. Now that summer is here, there couldn't be a better time to think about dressing our patio doors or changing an existing dressing with one that is more functional and attractive. When we dress patio doors we have to think about the end look and whether it will compliment our interior décor.

We have to think too, about whether our choice will be the most functional in terms of light control and privacy. You will be pleased to know that dressing patio doors doesn't have to be an expensive design job either. Take a look at some of our ideas for inspiration.

  • Sheer tab top voile curtains in white or cream that are drawn during the day will have a very crisp and contemporary look. When the evening draws in and the moonlight takes centre stage, close them to for an instant dreamy and magical atmosphere.
  • What if you don't want to block the view from patio doors at any time of day or night? You can still draw attention to them by hanging attractive curtains to the side that won't be drawn shut, keeping them in place with curtain tie backs UK. Go for the latest trends in patterns which are large, bright floral prints or geometric prints in sheer neutrals.
  • Cheap vertical blinds are another great and practical idea for dressing patio doors. They come in a variety of colours from brights, neutrals to pretty pastels. The wide choice in colours means they can be matched to virtually any interior design style. You have choices with material too - choose between fabric, aluminium, vinyl or thin wood. As if it couldn't get any better - they have brilliant control over both light and privacy.
  • Window films are another option for those who don't like to hide their patio doors behind curtains or blinds. They do offer some light control and depending on the design you choose they can give privacy too. You can choose from plain frosted window films to ones in colour that give a cheap alternative from original stained glass windows. We like the Mackintosh designs best! You might even be able to replicate a pattern that is already used within the soft furnishings within a room for a complimenting finish.

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