Grey living room ideas for your home

Grey is a timeless colour which is loved by many, for this reason it is enjoyed in many homes – making a great colour scheme choice for different rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. When you think of grey living room ideas, you may think only of fully silver rooms with plush velvet sofas and grey carpets – however, whilst this is a popular choice there are actually a multitude of ways to use grey in your living room interiors whether you’re looking for luxury or a minimalist modern design.

Layer Shades of Grey

A multi-tonal grey look can help add dimension to a room, and you can do this in whatever way you like. You can choose to go light grey on the walls and darker with furniture and accessories or switch it up and opt for slate or charcoal walls paired with light grey and off-white sofas, furniture and window dressings, such as these ready-made grey curtains, to inject light. Mix and match accessories such as rugs, throws and cushions to add even more shades of grey into your multi-tonal design and complete the look.

Make it Pretty with Pastels

It will likely not come as news to you that grey works perfectly with pastels – although this has been popular for many years now it is certainly not going anywhere. Mixing muted grey tones with pastel shades such as pinks, lilacs and peachy tones can work well in living rooms and bedrooms. This can be done in a number of ways – add in colour with accessories such as cushions, throws and rugs or go full speed ahead with the pastel trend and invest in a pastel coloured sofa to make a statement.

Stick to Modern Minimalism

Grey works perfectly to accentuate a modern room design – when you think of minimalism it is likely you think of white however, grey works just as well and with so many shades to choose from there is plenty to work with. Paler grey shades can be paired with white to create a dimensional effect which avoids a ‘clinical’ look which can sometimes occur with too many white aspects.

Have a Metallic Moment

It is no secret that metallic works well with grey tones, but it isn’t only silver that you can play around with – warmer metals such as gold, brass and copper also work great with grey. Adding metallic accents to a grey room can help to add sophistication and glamour to the room. You can add metallic accents in tables, lamps, mirrors and even with metallic paint.

Add Warmth with Griege

For some, grey can be a little too cool, so they tend to shy away from it. However, enter griege – the perfect combination of warm tones and cool tones. This mix between grey and beige is the perfect neutral colour for those who prefer to be on the warmer side. The combination then allows a variety of coloured accessories as it matches well with both warm and cool colours.

Inject Life with Bright Colours

As we’ve mentioned, pastels are a go-to when it comes to grey – the soft tones all mix well and complement one another. However, there is no reason to shy away from brights. Bright colours can bring life into a grey room and brighten the whole design. Colours such as bright turquoise, mustard and pinks can bring life to the room. Not only do they work well with mid and light grey shades but brighter colours are great in slate and charcoal rooms as they add sharp contrast and make a real statement.

There you have it, there are plenty of grey living room ideas out there – the colour really is extremely versatile. We know grey is here to stay, and with it being so adaptable there really is no end to the possibilities.

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