Gardens with cool water features

Water features have always be associated with grand gardens of the wealthy; however, today even the smallest garden can find as space for a water feature – they're one of the must-haves if you want to keep up with the latest outdoor living trends!   Garden water feature with layered flowing water, dropping into a pond

House To Home

Steel and old railway sleepers work together to create a modern cascading water fall.   Metal garden water feature at the corner of a brick wall, with water falling from on top of the wall

JJ Designs

Perfect for any size of garden or patio a modern water feature that blends with the surroundings is a hallmark of good design.   Old metal bathtub placed in a garden and turned into a water feature

Red Head Garden

If you like recycling then an old bath tub is ideal for creating a rustic water feature.   Rusting metal bathtub as a water feature in a garden with lots of pipes and taps overhead dripping into the tub


Another old bath tub, this time with novel taps providing a continual supply of recycled water.   A wall of water falling from above into a large garden water feature


Custom water fountains are fabulous with a contemporary look.   A cream brick enclosed water feature with a wall of water falling from above in a square pool of water  

Prairie Rose's Garden

Waterfalls are awesome if you have the right size garden.   Staggered watering cans dripping water into each other down an incline and then finally into a stream at the bottom

Pilgrim and Pie

Old metal watering cans provide a quirky way to have water cascading gently down a slope.   Small garden water feature with bottles of wine pouring water into a small rock pool

Gardening Forum

A DIY water feature may have the right principles but the overall look may not bode well in many people's gardens!   White distressed looking piano transformed into a planter for pink flowers, with water falling over the keys and into a pond

 Gardening Forum

This is one way to recycle an old piano!   Pillar columns of stone with water dripping down from between columns into a long narrow water feature

Pen N Live

This stunning wall of water has a distinctive Grecian look.   Brightly coloured pots in green, orange and yellow with water trickling out of them from the top


Small and colourful is sometimes all you need.   White ceramic teapot and teacup water feature, with water pouring into the cup


How cute is this tea-pot pouring water into a teacup? It's the ideal water feature for a Shabby Chic house (garden!).   Brass band themed water feature with water shooting out of different brass instruments


Whoever thought of this water feature can blow their own trumpet – it's a blast!   Decrepid wooden rowing boat filled transformed into a water feature with waterlilies on the top

Lovetoknow Garden

An old wooden boat makes the perfect small water pond.   Inflatable paddling pools in three tiers create a garden water fountain

Moms By Heart

This awesome water fountain is created out of children's inflatable paddling pools – how ingenious is that?!   A water feature with a statue of a frog doing the splits, with water coming out of his mouth


Playful frog sits on a pond – it'll make you smile.   Different sizes cups going from small to large at the bottom, with water overflowing to the bottom


Modern cascading water feature that is sculpturally pleasing to the eye.     Stone birdbath set above green and purple plants

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