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Everything is groovy - how to get the 1960s look

Retro interior design is hot to trot with the 1960s and 70s being top of the list. This vibrant and exciting time in design saw homes transformed from dull and mundane to places that were full of swirling circular patterns and sexy curves. Get the look with some easy decorating tips, scour retro shops to pick up authentic pieces and treat yourself to a shopping spree in Carnaby Street to get into the groove! 60s style glass pod chairs suspended from the ceiling in a living room

Interior Design Ipedia

Perspex became really popular, as did hanging chairs. Sixties style living room with large blue swivel chair and red rug

We Heart It

Eclectic mixes were bang on-trend. New textures and man-made fibres filled 60s homes. 1960s style living room and kitchen with lots of wooden panels, yellow rug and teal seat pads and cushions on rattan chairs


Shag pile carpets and rugs were cool, rattan and wicker furniture was funky along with bright colour mixes of turquoise and custard yellow. Period photograph of a sixties living room with bright red, yellow and blue metal chairs

Dtxmcclain Tumblr

If you love metal framed furniture then the 60s décor will be right up your street. Stylish pieces f furniture were introduced in place of the now out-dated three-piece suite in living rooms. A period illustration of a sixties style living room, with a black and white theme

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The 60s was a daring time for many when traditional interiors were shunned and new concepts welcomed with opened arms by the younger generations and frowned upon by the older generations! This was a time of liberation and freedom both inside and outside the home.

A cream living space with glass dining table and red ornaments and accessories in the white shelves, with concentric square wall artArchitectural Digest

60s décor doesn't have to be OTT to be effective. You can stick to a dual colour scheme and ignite it with bold wall art. 1960s wall design with brown background and concentric irregular positioned circles in yellow, orange, red and brown

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Psychedelic wallpaper was big in the 60s and if you love an orange and chocolate colour scheme you'll be in heaven! Old fashioned sixties kitchen and living area with Chintz floral patterns in white and orange throughout

Img Kid

Flower power was very evident; flowers were used everywhere, from wallpaper to curtains, blinds and bedding; but we're not talking chintzy, rose buds! Modern white bedroom with stained wood bed frame and white bedding


The 60s saw the introduction of using only one colour, typically white or cream, highlighted only by natural colours of wood for flooring, doors and shelving. Orange traditional rotate to dial landline phone

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Grab an orange Trim phone for an authentic 60s accessory. 1960s Beatles wall art illustration

Everest Blog

Pop art and of course the Beatles will look fab in a 60s retro home. White kitchen with orange counter tops, orange light fixture and orange dining room chairs

I Woman

Use plastic, perspex and laminate in the kitchen and dining room in orange and white for a hip 60s look.

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