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Edwardian townhouse style for your home

The classic townhouse; a product of the early nineteen hundreds, is as much loved today as it was during its creation. With inspiration from the Victorian era, these houses boast the beauty of the past with more technological, architectural and scientific know how than ever before.

There obsession with hygiene, cleanliness and desire for change following the dark Victorian era lead to a bright and light breath of fresh air in Edwardian interior design. Compared to previously, their look was fresh, floral, informal and light with white and pastel colours used in abundance. Whether or not you are lucky enough to live in one of these stunning homes, it is still possible to take inspiration from this beautiful and revolutionary period in interior design.

Due to the influx in international trade, Edwardian townhouse furniture was varied in style. Generally speaking however, oak was and is a classic and traditional wood to reflect this design period. The simple grain and golden tones make it an ideal and warm choice for your home. Dependant on the room in question, if oak is too heavy and intrusive why not opt for wicker furniture available in a huge variety of sizes and colours. These lovely and feminine styles are ideal for a sitting room, window area or conservatory where the feeling of light wants to be maximised.

Bring the furniture to life with coordinating upholstery in chintz, floral or damask styles. Choose soft pastel colours such as lilac, primrose yellow or grey to maintain the sense of space. Add coordinating cushions in patterned fabrics or embroidery to create a feeling of comfort. Unlike the Victorian era, the window dressing should also be kept relatively simple and subdued. Hang plain, striped or delicately patterned curtains that complement and is the same tone as the upholstery and walls and, if to your taste, finish with a lace blind. Alternatively, add a simple roman blind for a more contemporary twist.

As touched upon, your wall decoration should also be fresh and light with delicate floral wallpaper of trellises, flowers, ribbons and leaves. For a more masculine look, however, stripes are a more powerful yet equally simple alternative. Opt for wide vertical stripes in monochromatic tones of gold, whites or pastels. Dado and picture rails were also a common feature within Edwardian homes and enable you to divide the decoration space for wallpapering and painting. Lastly, simple but effective white washed walls are also a perfectly appropriate and more minimalist choice for the contemporary or smaller home.

Finally, as with all design schemes, make sure your accessories help to conclude and finish off your room. Look for ornate fabric lampshades, bronze lamp stands, antique figurines, silver frames and ornaments, old books and early gramophones. Keep your eye out for Art Nouveau inspired pieces and art work to give your room the finishing authentic look.

Whether inspiration is taken from just the upholstery or accessories Edwardian Townhouse design is a stunning and sophisticated period epitomising the English culture at that time. The ability of the objects and patterns to sit perfectly with plain blocks of pastel colour ensures this style can fit within any room of the house.

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