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Eco-friendly nursery interiors

There’s been a bit of a baby boom in the UK. Royals and a whole host of celebrities have become parents-to-be in recent months, and this may have even contributed to the general increase in pregnancy rates in the UK. So of course this had led to the subject of nurseries becoming quite high on a lot of peoples priority lists, but with the current environmental concerns, it’s also worth considering the impact of your decor choices. When you think about interior design you may not automatically associate the environment with the words ‘modern’ or ‘chic’, so in order to give you some pointers, I’ve put together a few eco friendly nursery ideas to prove that just because something is good for the planet, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. What could be better than ensuring your child has beautiful room and knowing you’re also giving them a beautiful planet! This nursery has been created using family handmade items and decor, which is much more eco friendly than buying mass produced factory products. Buying forest friendly wooden furniture ensures our fast disappearing forests and trees are replaced, nurtured and protected. Upcycling and repurposing materials is a brilliant and cost effective way to create gorgeous, unique nursery furniture. This moon shaped crib has been fashioned from wooden pallets and creates a beautiful, aged and textured wood finish. Pallets are a very versatile material to recycle. This baby rocker has been created (like the crib in the last image), using the recycled wood from pallets.

This beautiful forest friendly wooden furniture would be the pride of any design conscious parents, and you get the added assurance that you’re giving your baby not only a gorgeous space to sleep and play, but you’re also giving them a better planet to grow up in.

With these ideas to hand, you’re all set to create a gorgeous earth friendly interior.

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