Designer insights: thank you and a big Christmas greeting

It's been almost a year since we began Designer Insights, and in that time we have interviewed over 200 designers, in fact 227 to be precise. In that time we have taken a simple idea to interact with the online community and turned it into a thriving interior design feature; where we engage and interact with some of the most renowned designers, organisers, architects, crafters and every other type of professional in between. And even though it takes a lot of work to sustain this feature (through social interaction on Twitter, email follow up and graphic design work) - the fact is we couldn't have done any of it, if it wasn't for the 227 amazing people that dedicated their valuable time to take part and share their "designer insights".  What is a fun little interview feature actually takes a lot of work to complete and we are under no illusions that it is a big commitment to take part. So given that the feature is almost 12 months old, that we've reached the almost unimaginable milestone of 200 interviews and of course because it's Christmas - I just wanted to say:

"Thank you to each and every person that has taken part. To everyone that took the plunge into our little world of "Designer Insights", Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year."

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