The vast majority of people have a pair of favourite jeans that are so comfortable you'd wear them all the time if you could! Dulux have announced their Colour of the Year for 2017 'Denim Drift', and like a pair of jeans this soft blue will compliment virtually any decorating motif comfortably. With soft undertones of grey Denim Drift is forecast to be used in any room, from bathroom and living rooms to bedrooms and dining rooms. Denim Drift is a calm shade, that's easy on the eye, with the ability to be used either as a main colour or as an accent.

Get the Look in The Bedroom:

Denim Drift is a soft gentle colour that looks calm when coordinated with soft white and creams. Bedrooms with white walls can be given an injection of Denim Drift via a patterned bedspread which compliments your decorating style. While pale blue Roman blinds or made to measure curtains will add the on-trend colour without being overly invasive on the rest of your room.

Get the Look in The Living Room:

Perfect for living rooms Denim Drift can be used from floor to ceiling and everything in-between to give a modern colour boost. Rugs and cushions are an effective and inexpensive way to bring a fresh look to a living area, while a new 'Denim Drift' window treatment adds style and visual comfort, just like your jeans.

Get the Look in The Bathroom:

Give your bathroom a 'Denim Drift' theme via accessories and soft furnishings. Although you may not get the exact colour of Dulux, remember that jeans come in various shades and as long as you opt for the pale and mid tones you'll achieve the Denim Drift vibe effortlessly.
towels blind

Get the Look in The Dining Room:

From a 'Denim Drift' table cloth to seat pads and window treatments the dining room can also be on=trend in the coming year. Use Gingham checks to mimic a shirt that always looks cool and causal with jeans, or pop a table lamp on the sideboard to bring significant, yet subtle, touches of blue to the room to get the look.


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