De-clutter with cool shoe storage

A girl, or man for that matter, can never have enough shoes, and if you're like Imelda Marcos with an ever growing collection of shoes, Imelda had over 1,000 pairs, you're going to need somewhere to store them. You may even want to show them off, after all they probably cost a pretty penny so why shove them under the bed or in the back of the wardrobe out of sight? White closet with glass front for storing womans shoes


Make a wall display of your prettiest shoes; you'll find it easier to team them with your outfits too! Rotating shoe storage that looks like a small Ferris wheel


Put them in a Ferris Wheel shoe tidy; you'll be able to whiz it around 'til you find the pair you're after. White pipes stacked on top of each other, to store shoes


Have a go at up-cycling plastic pipes by turning them into your own shoe storage mountain. Wall mounted shoe storage by the front door, like a mouse trap but for shoes

JD Organizer

Be really organised with these specially designed individual wall mounted shoe storage racks. You'd have to have an awful lot of them if you're like Imelda! Rotating black shoe storage, like a magazine rack with three tiers

Home Edit

A practical way to store your shoes. Metal shoe rack, where the shoes slot in and are held in place

All About You

This neat little shelf has a distinctive masculine feel. White cabinet with glass front, for storing womens shoes

House To Home

If you have them flaunt them! And what better way to do so than in a glass fronted dresser. This has to be one of the best up-cycled projects I've seen in ages. White ottoman style shoe storage in a white and pink room


This pouffe has shoe storage inside – how efficient is that? A springy mesh beehive style shoe rack, where shoes slot in and can be pulled out

The House Decoration

I love the idea of kicking your feet into this shoe rack and leaving your shoes behind – children and teens will love it. There'll be no need for reminders for them to take their shoes off if you had one of these! Two upcycled white ladders used as shoe racks

Inspiring Home Style

An old rustic ladder or two is ideal for hanging your shoes. A natural wood A-frame of shelves, with shoes laid out on each shelf

A Pair and A Spare DIY

A step ladder works just as well.

Make your shoe rack a piece of wall art – fine all the wile there's no muddy bottoms! Dark blue shoe storage unit, between a yellow arm chair and a white fireplace

Room Envy

Convert an old tall boy into a storage cupboard for shoes. A meandering snake like metal shoe rack, with shoes slotting into the rack on the left and on the right

Decorating Tips Blog

A modern design concept to de-clutter and organise shoes.

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