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Creative trends with stephanie marchetti

Stephanie Marchetti is a home-owner restoring her New England property one project at a time, along with her husband Matt; all the while journalling her journey at Sandpaper & Glue. Stephanie has her eye on current design trends, as she is constantly looking to restore and decorate her home, often working on multiple rooms as the same time. She provides regular updates on her blog documenting her DIY projects, inspiration ideas and trips to thrift stores. So we are pleased to share with you the creative trends of Stephanie Marchetti.

Creative Trends with Stephanie Marchetti

- Transcript -

1) What pieces of furniture have impressed you recently?

Sleek furniture with mid century modern looks have really been catching my eye lately. I’m also digging all things wood- log end tables, handmade farmhouse tables, and pieces that need a bit of restoration. I get particularly excited when I see these things mixed together well.

2) What colours are on trend right now?

Shiny, shiny, shiny! Metallics are super in- gold, copper, and brass are definitely at the forefront. Dark industrial black (think: oil rubbed bronze) and zinc aren’t far behind. I think we’re moving away from the “pops of color” trend and we’re getting more into things that feel textured and multi-dimensional.

3) What types of materials are on trend right now?

I’m seeing so much leather and faux fur popping up, which is really cool mixed with metallic colors and natural elements. I also like grass cloth and burlap (as overdone as it may be right now). Durable fabrics too, like Sunbrella indoor/outdoor material used to reupholster a couch, are making more appearances.

4) Which of your projects embodies the latest design trend?

I recently made my own tree log end tables and put them in a few spots around the house and I’m loving them- they’re really versatile and so inexpensive if you’ve got the patience and resources. I’ve been trying to incorporate a lot more wood tones around the house. It makes me want to strip all the black furniture in my living room and redesign a whole new natural wood based space! But on the flip side, I’m a bit obsessed with my silver glazed side table too.

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