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Creative trends with louise petty

Louise Petty is a craft and sewing blogger, sharing her latest DIY projects and designs on her blog Sew Sensational, based in Yorkshire. Louise is a professional writer, who loves writing and wishes she could write even more than she already does. She loves to dabble in all manner of crafts, including sewing, stitching and baking, and is often found wearing polka dots or stripes. Above all she has a penchant for pretty things. She cooks from scratch every night and would secretly love to take part in the Great British Bake Off or the Great British Sewing Bee. So we are pleased to share with you the creative trends of Louise Petty.

Creative Trends with Louise Petty

- Transcript -

1) What pieces of furniture have impressed you recently? And Why?

I love classic prints and fabrics, such as stripes, plaids and chambray, as well as anything pretty and Parisian. You can't go wrong with a good striped duvet or some country-style plaid cushions! They're such timeless pieces that will last you forever - it's hard to get bored of moody blues and French glamour.

2) What colours are on trend right now? And Why?

This year I'm focussing on navy #0B1E65, pale blue #9DA5C1, teal #93c2c3 , dove grey #D2D8D8 and white #ffffff - a fairly neutral colour palette but with lots of similar shades of blue that I can use as accents around the home (and in my clothing!)

3) What types of materials are on trend right now? And Why?

As a dressmaker I love working with fabrics of all kinds - currently I love pale blue chambrays, navy toile like the patterns you get on old-fashioned china, thick cosy jersey and floral Liberty cotton lawn. These fabrics work well everywhere and are easy to sew with, whether it's a dress, a sofa or a set of cushions.

4) Which of your projects embodies the latest design trend? And why?

Of my latest sewing projects I love my striped jersey dress, baroque-print linen dress, chambray skirt and Liberty print t-shirt. These are all classic pieces that fit in with the rest of my wardrobe with ease. Blue and white is definitely my colour palette of choice, whatever the season!

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