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Country cottage inspired interior design ideas for your home

Nothing says sweet simplicity, more than charming, country-cottage décor. Warm shades, deluxe furnishings, and vintage-inspired patterns make it perfect for getting cosy with a cup of tea. This picturesque, humble style is transforming into a popular design approach. It celebrates the imperfections of ordinary gems, establishing an ambience of relaxed creativity, within your home. Whether you are nestled in the countryside or not, anyone can embrace this timeless design. We have all the tips and tricks, to inspire your country-cottage sanctuary.

Top 4 Country-Cottage Design Basics

  1. Colours that work best are white, cream, light grey, and pastels.
  2. Stick to homey textiles, like flannel, cotton, and linen.
  3. Pretty patterns, like gingham, florals, and stripes are ideal.
  4. Purchase furnishings that are distressed, worn, or painted.

Cosy Colour Palette

One of the main attributes of country-cottage décor is its airiness. Despite its robust furniture and luxurious textile elements, this style always shines bright. Light neutral shades (white, cream, and warm greys) embrace the natural lighting, which pours into these interiors, from its abundance of windows. White or cream walls form the picture-perfect backdrop in country-cottage homes.

You can also have fun with pastel tones - mostly greens, pinks, yellows, and blues. These shades maintain a room's glimmer, whilst adding just a pop of colour. Pastel hues are often used on accent décor rather than the main furniture. Intense shades, like buttery yellow and candy-apple red, can be used in moderation throughout curtains, blinds and patterned fittings, for highlighting purposes.

Age is Charm

In an unpretentious cottage, hard-used wood furnishings wear many layers of paint, with chips and frayed areas exposing these coats. Pop down to a car-boot sale to find some weathered treasures. Or, if you like DIY, create the impression with multiple coats of paint, to replicate the worn-out aesthetic.

If you want to go the extra mile, there is nothing more quintessentially country-cottage than a wooden rocking chair. A traditional piece as such, embodies the mellow, ‘kick back and relax’ element of this style. It will fit almost anywhere, from a welcoming front-terrace to a snug bedroom. Place a blanket and some patterned throw cushions onto it, for added relaxation.

Country cottage décor is all about signature, vintage-inspired treasures. Think farm-stand signs, rubbed watering cans reclaimed as vases, and wicker baskets for storage. Sprucing up a country-cottage has never been more fun!

You do not have to go completely vintage. You could combine an oak dining table, with mismatched chairs, to accomplish the same aesthetic. Consider matchless pieces, like a wooden stool as a side table, with a decorative French-inspired lamp on top. Ultimately, look for curious details, such as sophisticated wood carvings and cracked paint.

Simplicity is Key

To imitate the calming simplicity that is at the centre of this style - restrict layering. A couple of rugs work well, however wood floors in a country-cottage are often bare, making it easier to clean. Ditch the fancy tablecloths, and keep your dining room as uncomplicated as possible, allowing the wood to shimmer. Utilise beige and neutral toned blinds – or wooden shutters to mimic country chic.

Myriad of Textures

This design incorporates a multitude of textural aspects. When deciding textiles for your country-cottage haven, opt for simple fabrics with an embellished flair. You can never go wrong with cotton or linen materials for curtains, upholstery, or bedding.

Building materials for old cottages were economical and effective, so walls, ceilings, and floors were often adorned in wide-wood planks. If you are unable to change flooring, consider implementing beaded-board wainscoting, to inspire cottage-chic, architectural intricacies. For additional tangible touches, make use of knitted baskets, or pop wicker chairs in the living room for extra seating. Smaller items like seashells and pinecones also create visible layers in a space, showing innovation.

By tradition, patterns like gingham, stripes, florals, and tartan, enhance the character of such a design. When mingling patterns, be sure to maintain a somewhat consistent palette, to mix and match easily. If you are using simpler textiles devoid of colour, look for artful adornments, to maintain the charm of this style. Think lacey trims, embellished eyelets, and lots of ruffles.

Window Elegance

Cottage influenced window treatments, embrace casual and unpretentious quality. If you desire country sophistication, our Vintage Stripe Curtain in pink does just the trick. It induces a sense of unfussy class and grace. Couple this curtain with neutral furnishings and white walls, and your home will evolve into a cottage-getaway of dreams.

If you have a contemporary cottage space, you need something that embodies timelessness. The El Dorado Blackout Roller blinds embrace this. It blends old-world appeal and modernism together. The vertical stripes are almost nautical inspired. Plus, when paired with a rustic stool, and contrasting décor, the blinds arouse serenity and humble sophistication.

We hope our country cottage décor ideas have inspired your next big project. Remember, you can achieve this style with simple touches and little expense. Whether you reside in the urban world or rural realm, our suggestions will bring a gorgeous, all-year-round, elegant snugness to your interiors.

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