Whether your kids have their own bathroom or you're just a conscientious parent who wants their child to enjoy bath time, there's plenty of inspirational ideas for creating cool bathrooms for kids of all ages to enjoy.   kids_bathroom2

Bathroom Designs Ideas

Bright colours are good; team with trendy wall murals and your kids will love going to the bathroom.   kids-bathroom-decorating-ideas-7

Digs Digs

Bright primary colour give a playful feel that all the family can enjoy.   kids-bathroom-design-ideas-5


Teddy bears and fishing themes bring a whimsical look that young children will adore.   kids_wall_murals3

Bathroom Designs Ideas

Wall murals can transform a bathroom into an underwater world of delight for little mermaids.   Kids-Bathroom-Design-Ideas-with-Underwater-Theme-e1373290252685

Furni Kidz

Older children will love a more mature theme loosely based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.   2219

Architecture Art Designs

Blue décor highlighted with yellow ducks is sure to be a winner with younger kids and adults who are young at heart.   cool-kids-girls-bathroom-design-ideas

Pix Shark

Mickey Mouse seems to pop-up everywhere, including the bathroom!   Kids-Bathroom-Design-Ideas-with-Underwater-Theme-e1373290252685

House Logic

A hand basin, or mini bath, designed as a fire engine will be the dream washing experience for many youngsters.   bathroom-architecture-luxurious-ideas-decorations-on-kids-bathroom-that-has-modern-green-chair-on-mat-motifit-also-cute-wall-painting-under-wall


Cartoon based graphics give a bathroom a child friendly look.   bathroom-grey-bathroom-ideas-with-decorate-s-blue-design-ship-themed-white-bathtub-shaped

Studio Hanza

Nautical designs remain one of the most popular themes for bathrooms.   Kids-Bathroom-Decor-006

Home Designs Decorated

Go contemporary with bold primaries and a theme based on Lego style building bricks.   Beautiful-Modern-Wall-stickers-wall-Decals-for-Kids-Children-Bathroom

Furni Kidz

Random wall decals can give an instant make-over to a bathroom to suit the age of the children. The great thing about decals is they can easily be swapped and changed to meet the fads and preferences as the child grows.