Contemporary interior design ideas for the home

Contemporary can often be confused with modern. Although they share similarities, contemporary interior design has a standing of its own. The approach is simple. However, it encompasses both the present and an element of timelessness. With credits to its light-handed approach, a contemporary design ensures your home will never feel dated.

Whilst modern interiors can feel restricting and explicitly minimalistic, contemporary styles are praised for pushing boundaries. With this design, there is an emphasis on architectural features and a compact colour palette. This will transform your home into a welcoming sanctuary. Get ready to take on a design movement, reflective of the present, and symbolic of breaking away from traditional décor

Top tips for contemporary interior design

  • For a contemporary living room, stick to simple flooring such as a traditional wooden floor. Be sure to purchase curtains, blinds that showcase geometric shapes.
  • Lighting should be simple yet successful in imitating contemporary style décor and architectural elements.
  • Utilise a combination of metal, stone, and opaque or transparent glass.
  • Add in fundamental features like sculpting and visible brick walls for added charisma.

What colours are best for a contemporary style?

hen it comes to choosing shades that ooze contemporary style, neutrals alongside grey, black, and white, signify the core of this style. A neutral canvas is a great starting point. From here, you can implement pops of colour. By choosing the right neutrals, you will be able to weave in smaller hints of brighter shades, that can be changed with ease to match your mood. However, if you are looking to be daring with colour, maintain trims, ceiling, and flooring light to compliment the contemporary style cues with panache.


If you want to embrace contemporary interior design, less is more. Go for furniture that makes a statement whilst also remaining simple. Think soft geometric silhouettes and straight lines. Solid shades, organic materials, and bare surfaces will give your home a contemporary ambience. If you want to add some slight pizzazz with decorated pieces, opt for neutrals in textured, natural fabrics like wool and silk. Do not be afraid to infuse a bit of colour through décor or curtains and blinds! Although contemporary design is prided on its simplicity, you can implement colour with throws and pillows. Just remember to stay away from busy patterns!

Marble remains on top when it comes to contemporary interior design. Be mindful that lines must be smooth and controlled. Robust and statuesque furnishings in marble make any space a contemporary dream. However, be wary that too many finishes and silhouettes will cause the area to look too chaotic. Contemporary design may encourage a blend of design inspirations. However, eclectic can quickly make any room look distracted and muddled.

Window treatments

If your home already has oversized windows, you are in luck! Nothing says contemporary more than big windows and great views. We advise going minimal when it comes to window treatments to preserve a tidy, immaculate aesthetic. However, contemporary interior design is all about creativity and the unexpected. So, window treatments are a fantastic way to emphasise distinct features. To keep the appearance natural, opt for wooden blinds in a dark shade. Our Black Wood Essence Blind does just the job as it oozes sophistication. Or, for a touch of purity, go for sheer white, floor to ceiling curtains. Adorn your windows with the Sparkler Sheer Extra Wide Curtain for a lightweight yet modish look. This will undoubtedly add refined excitement to your contemporary haven.

Accent with metals

Metals can be utilised perfectly within contemporary living. Go for metallic accents like struck, refined steel on anything from picture frames to the trimming of a floor-length mirror. Shiny brass on a curtain pole or lounger's body or a glistening gold vase will give your home the ultimate contemporary edge. We recommend retro-motivated fittings, pared with brass bases and distinctive metal ornamentation, for an aesthetic envied by all.

Texture goes a long way

Decorating any room requires special attention to texture, regardless of what style you are aiming to create. Even if you were attracted by the less-is-more side of this style, building layers of texture is still crucial. Silky and stylish metals, alongside graceful leathers and matte, refined marble, will give you three distinct yet subtle textures. You can mix up textures by pairing curtains with blinds and contrasting them. This will no doubt be eye-catching for visitors and at the same time, keep your mind active. You can accomplish texture in any room by merging colour and lighting simultaneously.

A style entirely in tune with the times, contemporary interior design can be pulled off anywhere. This can be anywhere from a new-build in the city or a house in the countryside. It will blossom in whatever setting. We hope our inspiration for the contemporary movement will create your bright, airy space in no time. Living in the moment can now be achieved from the comfort of your own home.

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