Christmas décor around the world: getting the look in your home

Take a look at our whistle stop tour of Christmas décor from around the world. Be inspired by traditions, customs and colour scheme to give your Christmas décor global appeal.


Comprising Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Scandinavian Christmas décor has a rustic charm, with many of the ornaments and accessories being hand-crafted from wood. The most famous decorations used is a heart-shaped candle stand, decorated mugs and advent calenders. The Christmas décor is heavily influenced by a white, red and green colour scheme. Subtly and simplicity are also high on the agenda, with the tree being the main focal point in the room. Roaring fires, cosy throws, cushions with seasonal themes and skin rugs all add to the look, along with plenty of candles, reindeer, stars and heart-shaped hanging ornaments.
Lovely Christmas tree with white decorations, stood on a wooden floor Lovely Christmas table setting with candles, and overhead branch decoration Red and white festive cushions


As December is summer in Australasia Christmas down-under is typically spent on the beach. In homes decorations are a spin on UK baubles, with kola bears wearing Santa hats and kangaroo pulling the sleigh rather that reindeer! Christmas trees do feature in home décor, although the ornaments are typically more garish than for example Scandinavia. There is no restriction on colours for their Christmas décor, tinsel abounds along with plenty of brightly coloured candies and sweets. Like any home anywhere in the world you can add, and take-away, to get a look to suit the style of your home, but if you're looking for a Christmas décor with a down-under theme you need to be prepared to give some of the more traditional aspects a miss and focus on having plenty of fun. There's no need for items to make you feel warm and cosy, such as roaring fires, knitted throws and fluffy rugs, as the temperature calls for keeping cool!
Extravagant Christmas tree with bright decorations Small Christmas tree with Alligator and Koala decoration Round blue Christmas decoration with a kangaroo on it wearing a Father Christmas hat


Catholicism is the main religion in Europe and plays a huge part in Christmas festivities and décor. Christmas is a time for children and quite often adults don't have presents at all. Christmas trees are quite often only put up in homes where children will be. Nativity scenes, shepherds and angels are included in most homes to play homage to Christ's birthday. The colour scheme is usually white with red, green gold and silver. As most of Europe is chilly in December, open fires, cosy throws and rugs to cover tiled floors are always added. Fresh foliage abounds in the form of wreaths and stand-alone displays for the Christmas table, while the tree includes gingerbread, edible or made from brown card or wood in the form of gingerbread men, stars and hearts.
Lovely Christmas tree decorated in red and green, next to a roaring open fire Beautiful Christmas tree with gold, cream and red decorations Nativity scene with ornaments


As you can image Christmas in America is BIG! Plenty of sparkly tinsel, baubles and glitter with an enormous tree are used in many American homes. Outside decorations are also part of festivities with houses covered in lights, giant inflatables on the lawn, with trees and shrubs also adorned. The traditional Christmas colours of red, white and green are used, although depending on which state the home in located will also influence the decorating style. Northern states tend to go for more of what we Brits consider a traditional look, with extras, such as rugs, throws and cushions used for added warmth, while in the southern states these cosy home comforts aren't needed.
Christmas tree obscuring a fireplace, with green, red and gold baubles A house covered in Christmas lights Red and white striped stockings hung on a fireplace, with USA flag above the mantel
Christmas around the world is the same, but different! Each country has it's own quirks, adaptations and traditions. The one thing most have in common is the predominant colour scheme of red and green and having a tree as the focal point in the room. Sources:
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