Broaden your horizons - part 7 - dare to be different in the bedroom

Sounds exciting doesn't it? Daring to be different with your bedroom decorating will be exciting and the impression it makes will last as long as you want it too. So what does it actually mean to be daring and how can you achieve it? Analyse your rooms - what impression are you getting, if any at all? Are you bored already - looking into tired and uninspiring bedrooms? Well you are certainly in the right place to take a nap! We would prefer if you stayed with us though and discovered what it is that takes a bedroom from serious yawn-factor to instantly dazzling and glamorous. It can be done.

Dare To Use Colour and Pattern: A new colour scheme can do a lot in the way of making your bedrooms more vibrant and alive. Daring colours are one thing, but daring to be different is another. Daring colours are bright, bold and not necessarily left to accessories. The richest reds, hottest pinks, deepest purples and brightest blues can be really a head-turner when used on walls, curtain fabrics, bedding, floors or furniture. The larger and lighter your room, the more shocking colour you can get away with. You might also see daring as using unconventional bedroom colours.

The bedroom is meant to induce relaxation and serenity which is found in cooler shades of blues and greens. Probably the last colour you could imagine in a bedroom is orange - its vibrant and sparks creativity. You can get away with using this colour by adding it in as an accent in stylish bedside table lamps, a floor rug or even as detailing on your curtains or ready made blinds. Then there is the daring move towards using colours that are not the perfect match. Again, you can use one dominant colour such as turquoise (this season's hottest colour trend) with a zesty yellow headboard or sitting chair by the window. Dare To Show Off Your Best Assets! Dare to be different in your bedroom by having one show stopping item of furniture or luxurious bedding.

Bed heads in all their varieties have soared back into stylish bedroom design and there are some stunning pieces to choose from. You might like the glamour that comes with an upholstered diamond buttoned bed head (in a daring colour of course!) or the ultra sleek leather panelled bed heads that climb high up the wall. Take things one step further with some LED lighting fixed into a perspex covered bed head. A black duvet cover is very dramatic and daring - choose yours in a luxurious fabric with a sheen or pick up on textures with matching black cushions in velvet, silk or satin. Other daring duvet cover sets are colours which include rich reds, plums, gold or hot pink.

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