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Black bedroom ideas for your home

Black is a daring option to use within your bedroom’s colour scheme. However, it will forever be a timeless option. It is a shade that never goes out of style. You would never dream of dodging your black-tie events. So, why deny your bedroom that same elegance? Not everyone needs to sleep enclosed within bright, airy pastels. A black bedroom embraces the night, and with double the charm. From moody black walls to stylish contemporary décor, the plethora of black bedroom ideas are endless. If you want to opt for a dark design, these black bedroom ideas will inspire your starry night’s sleep.


One of the most important things to consider in a bedroom is furniture. Black bedroom furniture blends surprisingly well into a room’s design. There is a beautiful juxtaposition, whether it be in colour or texture, that will make it stand out from the crowd. To make a statement, go for a black bed. A crested headboard in a crushed, black velvet will be sure to wow you, every time you go to bed. Alternatively, remove fabric out of the equation and opt for a black metal bed frame. Whether that is in a smooth, matte black or a glossy, lacquered polish – your bedroom will ooze glamour.

Bedroom walls

Dark bedroom walls will always be a knockout when it comes to black bedroom ideas. The colour is no longer handled with complete fear. Currently, the world is in a love affair with tones of greys, which has allowed the welcoming of black. That being said, black does take guts, as the intensity of the pigment will be fully felt.

If you are a daring decorator, go full bleed so that black leaches onto the ceiling. This creates an atmosphere of limitlessness, parallel to looking up at the night sky.

Add accent colours

Delicate, pastel accent shades work magnificently in a monochromatic bedroom. The black and pastel blend builds on a spirited, yet mature aesthetic. When using pastel tones, for example a mint green, incorporate this with matte, black paint and furniture, for a soft and calming look. Why not add in colours through window dressings such as pastel pink curtains or mint green blinds?

Green accent colours are brought to life in a black bedroom through houseplants. They look fantastic alongside the dark, bold hue. Adding a splash of colour to a dark room, green ties the whole room together perfectly.


If the idea of a completely black bedroom scares you, opt for a black and white design to counteract the darkness – our range of white curtains contrast black décor perfectly This way your bedroom will still have fresh, airy vibes to it. A black feature wall and bedding could be balanced by lots of whitewashed walls. This springs the light around, making sure your bedroom is well-lit. For a gorgeous finishing touch, implement a copper bed frame. If you want bedding that is going to exude sophistication, opt for our luxurious Crystal Bedding Set.

Rose and black

A rose and black bedroom colour scheme is a very elegant choice. Go for black wallpaper that utilises a gorgeous, grid-like design. This gives the room a feeling of intensity. Adding white furniture and bedding will catch anyone’s eye, who enters the room. For a final touch of chic, implement a crystal-like chandelier.

Black on black

When it comes to black bedroom ideas, the all-black space can be achieved with grace. Our top tip here is to go minimalistic, and select furnishings with neat, linear shapes. An ottoman bed, in black of course, will not only radiate class but take care of storage issues. Consider a mirrored wardrobe and light coloured blinds and curtains if you are worried about the black becoming too claustrophobic. Contrasting the textures and implementing several light sources and mirrors is essential. This will stop black spaces from feeling too harsh. Perhaps try strips of LED lights for heightened drama.

Warm it up

Natural textures bring warmth and style to a black bedroom. Ultimately, this prevents the overall result from feeling too gloomy. To make the most of this effect, invest in wooden furniture. Wooden beds, bedside tables and chest of drawers are the best place to start. Darker rich woods work magnificently juxtaposed against black. Furnishings like oak wardrobes could be implemented. Black and wood creates a contemporary, industrial style. In this case, mix up your fittings with a metal frame bed and copper pendant lighting. This is a very fashionable approach.

There are a whole host of black bedroom ideas on offer. Selecting the right design can be tricky. Especially when trying to integrate the colour black, as one of the main shades. When using this hue, it is essential to create balance. This way your bedroom will not become too overbearing. Black is not for everyone, but when it is done right, it is nothing but classy and elegant.

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