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Bed making etiquette : the 10 tips and techniques for making the perfect bed

There’s nothing better at the end of a long day than getting cosy between the bed sheets, where the pillows are in place and everything’s pretty much perfect or is it? Taking a step back the flat sheet’s un-tucked, valance is creased and the poor duvets all out of sorts so sometimes the bed’s we make at home might not quite cut it to hotel standard.

White bedding with purple and pink butterflies

However although our bed making prowess might not be quite as classy as the Ritz, that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the same look with some practice. So here are 10 tips to help you boost your bed making etiquette and achieve a perfectly made bed for a cosy night’s sleep.

      • Wash those sheets – There’s nothing better than fresh sheets, popping them in the wash will help remove dust, kill any bacteria and give you sheets ready for bed making.
      • Good old ironing – Have you pulled out your favourite bed linen to find it full of creases? Getting out the ironing board and giving them a steam will easily smoothen them out making for some crisp clean sheets.
      • Quality sheets – Certain types of bed linen aren’t guaranteed to feel good to sleep in. So it helps to look at the cotton blends your sheets are made from as some vary in quality, feel and durability than others such as Egyptian and polyester blends
      Beige and brown striped bedding

      • Pillow cases – Your pillow cases are just as important as all linen elements, because of its contact with the facial area. For delicate and sensitive skin there are different cases available that may benefit your skin and sleeping experience such as silk or satin.
      • Pin tuck corners - A technique seen used in many hotels, pin tucking the corners of your flat sheets tidies up any stray edges. Simply envelope each edge of the sheet underneath the mattress corners and use a safety pin to secure it into place.
      • Top with a duvet – Simply cover your chosen duvet in a decorative case ensuring each corner is slotted into place and smoothen out any inconsistencies when placed on the bed’s surface.
      • Add a throw – A knitted throw or bed runner at the bottom of your bed can add an extra decorative accent to its look, as well help keep you warm during winter months.
      • Freshening things up a bit - If you have quite the collection of bedding that you alternate between, sometimes that freshly washed smell can wear away. Simply use a linen spray to add a favourite scent to your linen with ease.
      • Pleasing to the eye - Use bedding set’s that compliment the décor you already have in your bedroom as well as balance out the use of solid colour and bold patterned prints.
      • Filling a gap – If the centre of your bed seems a little empty then placing a decorative pillow in the centre can be the perfect finishing touch to your bed making etiquette.

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