Bed life expectancy: how long should your bed really last?

For many of us purchasing a bed for our homes is a valuable investment. A lot of our time throughout our lives will be spent in bed, getting the rest we need to be at our best and restore our bodies ready for the following day. However the question that may often come to mind whether you currently possess an old bed or would like to purchase a new one is how long should your bed last?

Beige and cream divan bed and mattress

Well the life of your bed, bedding and mattress can be affected by a variety of different factors such as:

  • Quality –  Overall quality and standard of the bed or mattress purchased
  • Care – How the bed or mattress is cared for by the owner as well as conditioned and treated
  • Personal usage – What you personally may use the bed for aside from sleeping such as reading , work from home
  • Bodily change – Such as the overall weight and number of users of the bed or mattress over time

So overall how long your bed investment actually lasts for all depends on how you use it. Typically a mattress may last up to ten years; however this may vary depending on the quality of the mattress.  There are in fact many mattress manufacturers who will actually offer a guarantee that your purchased mattress will last a set amount of years before the need to purchase a new one arises. The same can be said for the bed frame that will accompany your mattress whether you choose a platform top, divan and more.  Most bed frames vary in the number of years they will last as an investment depending on their quality, materials they’re made from and how it’s assembled. There are again bed manufacturers who guarantee the products quality and this should reassure you on the efficiency of your purchase.

Cream divan bed and mattress

Remember than you can extend the life of your bed by making efforts to care for it from simply turning your mattress regularly throughout the year, carefully removing stains to airing out the bed to remove any possible moisture. Lastly your question maybe when do you know it’s time to replace your bed or mattress?  Generally you’ll notice changes in your bed and the sleeping experience you gain from it such as:

  • General wear and tear in the product itself such as lose fittings , sagging in the mattress
  • The bed and mattress causes general aches, bodily pains and stiffness where it didn’t before.
  • Affects the quality and way you sleep than it previously did.
Remember that when investing in a bed and mattress you’re also investing into something that will benefit your overall health and sleep. We hope you find our bed advice and tips helpful, filling you in on all the bed buying know how you need to know to find the perfect bed for your home.

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