Beautiful Bedroom Looks - Part 6 – Casual Vintage, Refined Glamour, French Loft and Dramatic

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

In our penultimate post on beautiful bedroom looks we bring a touch of glamour – in various styles- into the mix! Casual, yet chic and definitely individual we prove that you don't have to spend a small fortune to have a beautiful and glamorous bedroom. Vintage Modern, Casual - Make your room more homely and personal by mixing vintage treasures with modern design. The lower your bed and furniture, the more laid-back and casual your room will feel.

Don't stress too much with coordinating the room, let is blend loosely with some surprise elements to keep it interesting. Get your comfort by mixing textiles such as a crochet bed runner, a fabric headboard and wooden floors with bedside rugs.

Refined Glamour, A Little Bit Posh! - Delicate florals are used in this design with classic stripes - both of which are brought in very subtly. The paint colour is also very subtle and one you can get by mixing white with lilac - almost pearlescent with a slight sheen created with eggshell paint. Paint wide horizontal stripes on the walls with your pale lilac and white eggshell for a unique but refined look. White embroidered duvet covers add fine floral details to the room that is highlighted again with dried pressed flowers in glass frames on a feature wall.

Finish the look with striped cushions for the bed that give off a nice shimmer. French Loft, Touch of Glamour - Another beautiful bedroom for loft dwellers; this design should begin with the room's focal point: the bed. It does need a period feel to it - perhaps with an ornate headboard which could be fitted to a standard bed frame when funds are tight; although we must say that a foot board also gives it an extra touch of opulence.

Side tables should continue the antique feel with a slight distressed appearance. A neutral colour palette will let statement pieces sparkle such as a chandelier or decorative sitting chair. Roman blinds with a subtle pattern will bring interest to the room - why not have a go at creating some with your own two hands with Roman blinds how to make guides! Minimalist, Dramatic - This bedroom is proof that even minimalist décor can be dramatic.

Choose white for walls and white pencil pleat curtains at the the windows; this provides a subtle backdrop to a black platform bed (king-size if you must!) Black is complimented by a dark wood floor for an almost masculine feel. A bold floor lamp with pleated shade will pick up the pleats of your curtains, crisp white bed linen and duvet covers are anything but dull when in contrast with the dark tones of furniture and flooring.

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