Awesome teenage bedroom designs for boys

Any parent will tell you that decorating a teenage boy's bedroom can be extremely daunting! I think it would be fair to say that in the past boys were less inclined to take much notice of the colour of their room as it was purely a place to sleep; however, today boys are just as discerning about the style and décor of their room as girls.

Many a battle has been won and lost by parent trying to decorate their son's room, but with the new-age of chic men's awareness it may easier than in the past. Or maybe it's just the attitude of parents which has changed? A little more flexible? more open to ideas? acceptance that a son has become a young man? maybe just a few reasons many bedroom designs for boys are awesome.   Cream, black and white bedroom with checked chess carpet flooring, and large chess piece ornament models

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Themes are always a good idea to get a starting point for bedroom décor. Move up to more age appropriate themes and you'll be more than half way to an awesome design.       Sports themed bedroom with light blue, dark blue and grey bedding, and different types of sports balls mounted on the wall

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Move away from childish themes such as cute teddies and Disney and up the anti with a professional sports theme.   Cream bedroom with one black wall and cream wardrobes and drawers

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If your son wants black décor then give him black – just team it with grey and white for an on-trend monochromatic look.

Talk about your son's favourite things and be sure to include them in the design if you want them to love you forever!   Futurist cream, grey and orange bedroom with an octagonal space pod style


Be prepared to make the jump from a single to a double bed – it may be difficult but you have to realise he's growing up!   Modern bedroom with dark blue checked bedding and similar style of fitted wardrobes  

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Allow for plenty of storage space if you want his room to look neat and tidy.   Light grey living room with cream chaise longue with light green cushion and dark green runner

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Add a whimsical touch and you may just get a smile for your decorating efforts!   Funky wooden bed in a greyish blue, that looks like a dentists chair, in an industrial style room

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Let him be master of his domain. He can help build a bespoke bed and give the room an urbane feel.   White and black bedroom with white storage units, a little messy   Steer away from stereotypical blue for boys and move onto a more mature colour palette.   White double bed with graffiti wall art above the bed


Embrace your son's artistic streak by letting him carry out a graffiti wall. It's a great way of enabling him to stamp his mark on his room.

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