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Are these britain’s naughtiest pets?

Terrys Naughty Pets Bulldog

Pets. We love them but they can also drive us crazy, pushing our patience to its limit and frustrating us no end. If you're a pet lover then you know exactly what I'm talking about. They can tear your furniture to shreds, sleep on your beloved sofa throws, destroy treasured childhood mementos and leave your home in tatters. So we have asked our customers to share their horror stories, by posting a mug shot on our entry page. After over 200 entries, and an incredible number of cute and funny pictures, the winners of Terry's Naughtiest Pet In Britain Competition have been announced. Here are our winners, plus all submissions can be seen at the bottom of the page:

Cat scratching a sofa a cat destroying a kitchen chair A dog chewing up kitchen flooring
1st Place - Molly the Cat - The winner of the title of naughtiest pet in Britain goes to Molly the cat. In just nine short months of life Molly has already built up quite the rap-sheet. She's destroyed beds, banisters, carpets and two settees. Overall this has cost her owner, Paula from Choppington, over £2,000. 2nd Place - Rolo the Dachshund - 2nd place went to Rolo the miniature Dachshund. Determined to prove that lack of size is no barrier to the amount of damage a dog can do: Rolo set about destroying his owner's kitchen. So determined was he to vent his frustration, that only shows up as a blur on the entry picture. 3rd Place - Eddie the Spaniel - Eddie's owner's had only just put down their kitchen lino when their dog Eddie decided he wasn't a fan and tore it up. While he may not be the naughtiest pet, he could very will be the guiltiest looking.

Honorable Mentions

[thumbelslider id='5']Cats vs Dogs InfographicEmbed this image on your website: 450 pixels wide: Great big pet survey results
Great big pet survey result by Terry’s Fabrics. 995 pixels wide: Great big pet survey results
Great big pet survey result by Terry’s Fabrics. //

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