If you thought that a garden shed is a 'garden shed' and nothing more than a place to store your flower pots and gardening tools you're mistaken; today the humble garden shed has been transformed into some stunning living spaces. This week Channel 4 will announce the winners of the most amazing garden shed transformations – as such I've been in search of some myself, which I'm sure you'll be amazed at.


This doesn't even look like a shed after this ingenious transformation to make it into a living space.  

DG Creative

No room indoors for your home office? No worries, take your office into your shed.  


You'd hardly belief that this beautiful space is the inside of a shed.  

Home Ideas Mag

Awesome contemporary shed-office design.  


Too hot to sleep indoors, then why not sleep in this gorgeous shed-bedroom.  

Home Dzine

A sweet place to relax after your gardening.  

My Sweet Savannah

You can of course keep your shed as a potting shed.  

Northern Design Awards

Transformed to a man cave – awesome!  

Georgiana Design

Summer kitchens are always handy.  

Feather & Nest

Lots of homes don't have a dining room, if this is true of your home you could always make your shed a eating spot for the summer.