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A-z of soft furnishings: u – z

Today's post sees us coming to the end of our A – Z of soft furnishings. As you can see there's soft furnishings used in every room in your home in one form or another; it's the finishing touches which make a house a home and without them our homes would look and feel very bleak and uninviting.

U = Urban

Urban ready made curtains are cheating a little, however, you'll see that these stylish window dressings will suit all styles of homes beautifully; furthermore they also have their own range of co-ordinating products and some great colour choices.

V = Voile, Venetian, Vertical & Velux blinds

Voile panels are making a real impact within the world of interior design. These semi-transparent curtains or panels are perfect for bringing a new look to homes. If you think of blinds the chances are Venetian blinds are what spring to mind. These versatile window dressings have been around for a long time and with new designs, colours and styles being added all the time the Venetian blind is here to stay! Vertical blinds have also made their mark on how we dress our windows. They provide all of the versatility of a Venetian blind but have vertical, hence their name, rather than horizontal slats.

Vertical blinds are also ideal as a window dressing for patio doors and conservatories as they can be stacked back to enable easy egress and exit. Velux blinds are a 'must' if you have skylight windows. These neat Venetian or roller blinds have blackout properties as well as the ability to help attics and loft rooms becoming unbearably hot.

W = Wooden Blinds & Wooden curtain poles

Wooden blinds are typically Venetian in style, wood-weave blinds work in the same way as a Roman blind and are a lightweight window dressing which works well when co-ordinated with curtains. Wooden blinds are available in a vast array of colours to compliment and bring a natural warmth to your home. Wooden curtain poles are ideal if you want to achieve a stylish look to your curtains. They're ideal for country styled interiors as well as traditional homes which lean towards refinement and elegance.

X = X-Factor!

Most of us want the X-factor in our homes and the only way to achieve it is by having beautiful soft furnishings!

Y = Yellow

Another cheat – yellow may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's a great colour to use to bring a natural warmth and glow to a room.

Z = Zurich ready made curtains

If you love a traditional style of floral curtain made from chenille then Zurich ready made curtains are the perfect choice.

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