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A-z of soft furnishings: g - I

Moving through the alphabet of soft furnishings we come to G, H and I. It was hard trying to find an actual soft furnishing beginning with G, so we thought that Green would be most appropriate, not only the colour, but also 'green' in terms of green living and eco-awarness, as this remains a very hot topic with the world of interior design.

G = Green: As mentioned the colour green is used prolifically in our homes and although many people chose not to use the actual colour per-se, most of us have touches of green in out homes via plants if nothing else. However, being 'green' doesn't mean using the colour throughout your home. It means being aware of your interior and the affect or not as the case may be, it has on the planet. Contemporary homes are really focused towards recycling and up-cycling, and using natural, sustainable materials when and wherever they can. You to can do you bit to help conserve the earth's precious resources by turning down your heating, using thermal curtains or window blinds to keep heat inside your home, conserving water and choosing to use products which haven't travelled half way round the world!

HHaberdashery & Hooks: The dictionary term haberdashery is given to all of the things that a haberdasher sells! In other words all of the things that are needed for sewing, such as cottons, buttons, zips etc. At Terrys Fabrics we have our own workrooms, so we stock haberdashery items needed to make your own curtains, voile curtain panels and Roman blinds. We're also aware that recycling and up-cycling is in-vogue and have other haberdashery items that can help you make your own soft furnishings and re-upholstery projects. Hooks are also included within haberdashery, these of course are used to hang curtains from standard heading tapes, along with rings and hooks for hanging curtains from curtain poles.

I = Interior Design: Interior design is something that is used in every style of home, whether you're actually aware of it or not! Many people prefer a specific interior design style, while others are quite happy to 'go with the flow' and use a style which is a mixture of various styles without it being classed as genuinely eclectic. There's lots of different interior design styles you can adopt to suit the style of your home and your personality.

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