A more eco friendly existence with egyptian cotton

Renowned for its high quality, Egyptian cotton is made from the plant species Gossypium Barbdense, the same plant as Pima cotton. Due to the Egyptian climate the plant produces longer fibres than other cottons. Spun into extra-fine threads then woven using a high thread count, the resulting fabric is strong, soft and durable. Check that products are certified 100% Egyptian cotton to get the best quality and to ensure the material hasn't been blended with polyester or other lower grade cotton.

Bed Sheets & Pillow Cases White bedding on a bed with a grey headboard

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In the bedroom Egyptian cotton is beautifully soft against the skin. They have the ability to keep you cool during the warmer months and snugly warm during the colder months. Opt for natural colours such as white or cream, these shouldn't contain any dyes. Also look for unbleached sheets and pillow cases; bleach is a chemical that isn't eco-friendly. When laundering Egyptian cotton bedding it is best not to use detergents that contain bleach as this can cause the fibres to break-down and wear out. Like wise fabric softener should be used sparingly, if at all, as this can build-up on the fibres and damage them; if you need to soften the sheets use tennis balls or drying balls in the tumble dry, better still, and far more eco-friendly, dry them outside on the washing line.

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Supreme Egyptian certified cotton towels are thick, soft and highly absorbent. Like bedding tey should be laundered using non-bio detergents. You should also refrain from using fabric softener or conditioners as these can reduce the absorbency of the towels. Outside drying is best, and of course without using electricity it's free!

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Step out of a bath or shower onto a mat made from 100% cotton weave which is designed specifically for absorbency. Softness under foot, durability and practical, your bathroom accessories can help you and your family live a more eco friendly existence.

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