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A home in the style of gaudi

Collage of two different funky staircases Antoni Gaudi innovatively shaped the spaces that people lived in, infusing his style and taste not only into the architecture, shape and structure of the home but also with much precision and detail into its home décor and interior design as well. With much to admire if you yourself are wanting to bring a Gaudi sense of interior design style into your home, then there is plenty to see to inspire and help you on the road of doing so, bringing this fascinating Spanish style a little closer to home. Curving white and natural dark wood staircase, that looks like a meandering tree trunk Well known for his passion for architecture and bringing it together with his skill in crafts such as carpentry, ceramics, stained glass and more Gaudi created some fascinatingly sculpted interiors structures and woodwork. As seen here whether your building your own home or simply renovating its overall look and feel , by bringing curved elements into your home you can truly create an eye catching scene and add character to the room itself making it memorable, admired and unique in its own way. Incorporating carved flowing wood furnishings and such elements into the home will also give it this sense of movement and illusion, making the space also appear much bigger and brighter. A bathroom and staircase that both look like their in an underground white pebble pod Funky Gaudi style kitchen with sloping curved walls and irregular brown and white tiles

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Another recognisable characteristic of Gaudi’s work is through the use of mosaic pieces within his interiors, bringing detailed illustrative pieces and tile fragments of various tones into home living spaces like the kitchen space seen above again creates this truly unique space that has so much more to it with much individuality and appeal. Gaudi style irregular tiled staircase

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Bringing these mosaic elements into your home is sure to help you acquire a Gaudi inspired style and feel, and don’t feel restricted as to where you can really bring it into your home aside from the kitchen or bathroom. This stairway is a perfect example, it really add colour to an aspect of the home which is important but often forgotten. The mixed colours and tones in the mosaic tile artwork really contrasts well with the wood finish on the stairs and for anyone visiting your home this would definitely be a piece to talk about. Gaudi inspired tiled bathroom with blue and cream tiles Lastly don’t forget also that Gaudi worked within a very natural and earthy colour palette, so by including a combination of colours from earth browns and oak tones with turquoise and sea blues you’ll really be able to add that extra touch to your Gaudi inspired home design that you’ve been working towards .

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