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8 bed pillow arrangements: from the amazing to the absurd and back again

Although our bed arrangements back home might not be quite as fancy as those you might find in a classy hotel that doesn’t mean they don’t have the potential to be just as good. When you wake up in the morning and make that bed rather than simply throwing your pillows to the top, why not get creative with some bed pillow arranging? Taking the time to let out your designer flair, pull out those decorative printed cushions make your own bed time pillow arrangement that’s just crying out to be jumped into before a good night’s sleep. To help you get started here are 8 unique arrangements for you to have fun trying at home. White Pillows And Bedding On a Bed With A Grey Headboard
  1. Stacked pillows – It’s as easy as it sounds using four pillows overall simply place two of each neatly against the headboard at the top of your bed. Carefully stack on top of one and other to create a neat and tidy fuss free look.
  2. Standing pillows – Moving onto the next pillow arrangement is the standing pillows look, all you need are five pillows (these can be standard size pillows) and two of which vary in colour. Taking three pillows of the same colour palette prop them diagonally against your head board and lastly with the remaining two place them neatly in the front of the three to create a row effect.
  3. Mixing stacked and standing – This arrangements works well if you have a number of pillows to hand , firstly stack four pillows flat at the top of your bed and taking a remaining 3 slightly smaller in size angle them neatly in front.
  4. Single accent – Adding a single centre accent cushion or neck roll to a five pillow arrangement can really create an eye catching bed design. This can be anything from a bold colour to detailed printed cushion that matches your personal taste and room décor.
  5. Asymmetrical – If you’re the type to worry less about neatness or getting your pillow design spot on an asymmetric display maybe just for you. Taking a collection of four or five pillows of different designs but with complimenting palettes you can easily create a visually inviting scattered look to any bedroom at home.
  6. Symmetrical – Organized and orderly creating a symmetrical pillow design is ideal for any perfectionist out there. Taking your pillows of choice simply create a mirrored arrangement matching plain pillows or prints symmetrically
  7. Decorative and dainty – Do dainty trims, boudoirs and lace take your fancy? Bringing decorative elements like this into your pillow arrangement can create for a fanciful and whimsical bed setting then this is definitely for those who love embracing their feminine side.
  8. Rolled pillows – Why not have fun adding an elegant roll pillow to the back of your propped front pillows, adding a unique refined look and shape to your bed than other arrangements.

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