15 easy ways to cut your energy costs

Today is 'Cut Your Energy Costs Day' and while the temperature outside may be less than hospitable to most of us, there's no need to panic about extortionate winter fuel bills if you take heed of these savvy saving tips.

1. It may be hard to know exactly where to start. Invest in an energy monitoring device to see where you're using the most energy.

Electric and gas smart energy meter


2. Spot thermometers are great for seeing the heat leech out of your home. A little scary too! However, once you know the hot spots you can then start to tackle the problem areas.

Infrared image of four houses, showing heat loss

Leak Detection Specialists

3. It's all very well telling us to turn-off anything on stand-by, but we're creatures of habit and habits are hard to break; if your household falls into this category get a smart power strip – it'll save the hassle of having to unplug electrical items that are not in use such as TVs and computers.

A smart extension lead, with different sockets for different purposes

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4. LED bulbs are great interior design pieces; they offer a modern, contemporary look that's more cost effective than standard forms of lighting. The amount of light they provide also means you won't need to use so many lights.

A white and cream living room with white sofa pointing at a wall mounted TV, on a cream tiled wall

Home Lighting Ideas

5. Dress your windows according to the weather. Thermal curtains, plus the addition of thermal blinds will look stunning and help retain heat in a room.

Cream living room with cream sofa, and large black pouffe coffee table

One Kind Design

6. Plug the gaps – you'll be able to feel the draughts around windows, doors, through floorboards, and even the cat flap and letter box, so set about plugging the gaps to reduce heat loss.

A fluffy grey cat coming through a cat flap


7. Turn off lights, after all you're not living in the palace of Versailles!

A finger flicking a light switch


8. Drop the heating a couple of degrees – this tip is one that's recommended year-after-year! If you feel chilly reach for a snugly throw rather than the thermostat.

A pile of different coloured throws on an armchair


9. Upgrade an old and inefficient heating system. This tip speaks for itself; anything that isn't operating correctly is going to leech money from your wallet.

An old white metal radiator


10. Replace old household appliances, such as fridges, freezers, to A grade ones that are more cost efficient to run.

Two photos of a silver fridge, left: closed, right: open and full of food


11. Use tin foil at the back of radiators to help push the heat back into the room rather than letting it escape through the walls – some times the old ways are the simplest, yet most effective.

A roll of tin foil

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12. Use a lower temperature wash for everyday clothes – with the newest washing powders and liquids you'll still get your clothes clean.

Clothes being put in a washing machine


13. Keep your doors closed – why heat a room that's not in use? Turn the radiators down to low in spare bedrooms, so that it doesn't become damp or musty.

White double doors slightly open, looking into a living room

Solid Wooden Doors

14. Move furniture away from radiators – it's not good interior design to have sofas and chairs pushed back against the walls, so this small step will help retain heat in your rooms while giving it an instant makeover to-boot.

A large round mirrored wall clock on a living room wall


15. Use water based paints for walls and ceilings – it may seem like a minor point, but most decorating paint is oil based and less energy efficient.

Lots of pots of paint, with their lids off and different paint colours visible

Hugo Carter

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