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15 alternative christmas tree ideas

If you're fed up with a traditional style of Christmas tree or don't have sufficient space to accommodate one there's some fabulous alternatives to make yourself or buy that will look just as good, if not better, than many artificial trees on the market.   Tall bookshelves in two columns with books leaning inwards to form the shape of a Christmas tree

Decor Report

1. Use your bookshelf and books to make a Christmas tree shape.   A small potted tree decorated with Christmas decorations, stood on a side table


2. If you have a bonsai tree you don't need an actual Christmas tree and you can decorate your bonsai.   A funky Christmas tree made from corn millet sprigs

Planet Hollywood

3. Use corn millet sprigs to make an unusual tree that you could put outside for the birds to feast on once your indoor festivities are over.   Bauble suspended decorations, making the shape of a Christmas tree

World Inside Pictures

4. Suspend baubles from a central pole to form a striking Christmas tree shape.   A Christmas tree made from pieces of driftwood  

World Inside Pictures

5. Drift wood branches make an unusual tree using natural and foraged materials.   A brightly coloured fabric Christmas tree, which resembles a May pole

Eframe Life

6. Go big and bold with a metal conical shape that decorated with brightly coloured paper.   A Christmas tree made from lots of car hubcaps or wheel alloys


7. Petrol heads will love this tree made from hub caps.   An upcycled Christmas tree made from recycled cardboard boxes


8. Use 1 vertical rod and cones of paper to make an alternative style of tree.   Half of a Christmas tree made from lots of green boxes, stood next to a mirror to create a full tree


9. This clever tree is make from a pile of green boxes and books, which is the strategically placed so that the reflection in the mirror provides the other half.   A Christmas tree made from tightly wrapped balls of wool in different colours

Top Dreamer

10. The ideal tree for knitters and home crafters. This tree is made using tightly wrapped balls of wool.   A Christmas tree in a library reception, made from books


11. You could adopt this pile of books stacked into the shape of tree in your home.   Small Christmas trees that look like witches hats, around a wooden chair

DIY Enthusiasts

12. These quirky little trees remind me of witches hats! Great if you're looking for a new take on Christmas trees.   A Christmas tree made from a cone shaped set of shelves, with coloured macarons on each shelf


13. I'm loving this spiral tree and its lovely bright colours; if they're petite macaroons it's even better!     A light green living room wall with small white shelves arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree

Home Ideas Mag

14. Little wall shelves can be transformed into a wonderful Christmas display that resembles a tree.   Six wooden poles in a tepee shape, with a garland draped around them to make it look like a Christmas tree

Pure Home

15. A wigwam shape using bamboo canes or similar, is the basis for this alternative tree. Wrap a thick garland in a spiral and you have an almost instant tree with plenty of space to pile the present around.

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