14 weird and strange houses people actually live in

There's now stranger than folk – well there is actually; it's the weird and strange houses some people live in! A large wooden out-building that looks like two wooden barrels joined by a corridor

Architecture Art Designs

I bet this house is a barrel of laughs; It looks like a water butt with an extension! A pod shaped room with green internal light, looks like a UFO

Cult of Weird

You'd be forgiven if you thought a UFO had landed when seeing this weird house. A stone or concrete bowl shaped building at the top of the hill

Odd Stuff Magazine

A concrete house on top of a hill leaves a bizarre shape on the horizon. A building that looks like a jumbled Jenga tower with floor to ceiling glass exposing the interior of a home


If you love the game Jenga you'll love this fabulous home. An old plane in the middle of a woodland, that has living space inside accessible by stairs

Anglian Home

What do you do if you find an airplane fuselage in the forest? You make it into a home of course! A Chinese style building carved into the top of natural stone column in the sea


Teetering on top of an island this weird building is actually a luxury hotel. A wood panel house that looks like a black hole has devoured the side of the house

Matador Network

This strange house has had a hole blasted through the middle of it. Wooden building with translucent garden gates with an intricate design

Odd Stuff Magazine

I admire the architectural design of this home. Pod style stone building in the desert, looks like a Tatooine building from Star Wars

The Grumpy Old Limey

This is a really weird looking home.

A large stone on the side of a hill that has been carved into a homeHouse Logic

A weird house built into the side of an enormous boulder. Large black building with lots of black doors that open to allow the outdoor into the home


This strange home has a open side to catch the breeze. A building at night with halogen lighting on the rim of each floor and an outline of a guitar

Homes And Hues

This house certainly rocks! A building that looks like a hard boiled egg with its top cracked open

Interior Holic

This weird house looks like an old eggshell after you've taken the top off to dip your soldiers! Old Mother Hubbard's house, a large clay coloured shoe house

The Big Idea

How weird would it be living in Old Mother Hubbard's house? Well you can, this house is a home in New Zealand.

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