Geeks of all ages love the festive season as much as the next person; however to really show your inner geek this Christmas make sure your festive décor shows just how geeky you really are!  


Old circuit boards make great tree ornaments when they're cut into traditional festive shapes.  

Bored Panda

Little brass cogs and wheel will twinkle on your Christmas tree.  

 Bored Panda

Build your own Lego tree decorations.  

Bored Panda

Old memory cards can also be decked with bows to add festive cheer to your tree.  

WTF Jeans

Make a unique door wreath from old computer parts.  


Geek-up tree baubles to reflect your inner geek.  

Hong Kiat

Let the force be with you; if you're going to wear a Santa hat make sure it's a Yoda one!  

Instant Shift

Use the periodic table to make your own 'nerdy' ornament.  


Don't want a traditional style of tree?No worries, make your own from piles of old computers, bottles or give your 'tree' a Dalek makeover.  

Hong  Kiat

Don't forget to send geeky cards to family and friends.  

This Is Why IM Broke

Show your neighbours just how geeky you are with large Star Wars outdoor illuminated figures on your front garden.  

Cakes By Mya

Don't opt for a conventional Christmas cake – choose 'A Night Before Christmas' theme instead.