12 unusual multi-functional furnishings for small spaces

With many homes becoming smaller the need for multi-functional furniture and furnishings has never been needed more. Designers continue to produce some amazing and unusual multi-functional items to help make the most of the limited space available. Multifunctional Furniture Lamp And Chair Combination

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This amazing lamp chair provides comfort and plenty of light in one piece of furniture. Functional Shelf Wal Mounting Bracket

News House Design

A natty bookshelf also includes little hanging pockets for bottles or more books. Shelves And Clothes Rail With Bicycle Wheel To Easily Move It


Shelving unit cum laundry station; the funky front wheel means you can move it around without too much hassle. Small Bedside Table Bookshelf In Blue

Lush Home

This bookshelf can easily be turned into a small table. Square Box With Plank Of Wood Dissecting It, Turning It Into A Chair And Bookshelf


'Spoolstool' by Joe Levy is a great place to keep extension leads tidy and a place to sit. Small Stool And Multicoloured Storage Drawers

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A small table incorporating storage drawers. Sofa And Bed With Built In Sleeping Bag

Designers Raum

Multi-functional day sofa and bed for one, complete with its own sleeping bag. Queen Bed That Folds Away Transforming Into Sofa And Shelf

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A hidden bed pulls down over the sofa when needed - great for studio apartments. Living Room Table That Can Be Stood Up To Make An Exercise Frame

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Turn this table on its side and you have your own home fitness bars. Fold Out Bed And Chair Combination

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A modern twist on the futon provides comfortable seating and sleeping. White Chaise Longue Style Chair That Pulls Out Like A Drawer, From A Matching Shelf Unit


A shelving unit with a sofa that can be slid out frees up floor space.

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