Embrace World Baking Day by bringing your kitchen accessories bang up to-date with these really cool baking gadgets no budding chef wants to be without!   cool-kitchen-gadgets-inventions-0

The Chive

Make impressive the easy way with this 3 tiered baking tin. 6630aa98e5219bcd2f72b79fab0c9d68

Home Gadgets Daily

Ever seen those fancy multi-layered cakes? Cut the hassle of baking each layer individually and use this natty gadget. lekue-thumb


Having a squeeze of lemon has been easy with this gadget that you simply push into the top of the fruit. slide_364736_4136814_free

Huffington Post

Adorn your cakes, gateaux and cup-cakes with this inter-changeable icing gadget. Baking-tools-birthday-cake-scraper-one-piece-cake-knife-bread-cutting-knife-blade-knife

Ali Express

This handy gadget makes light work of slicing and serving cakes and gateaux. DIY-Macaron-Kit

Home Gadgets Daily

This is a must-have for those who like making macaroons – far less messy and faster than trying yo fill the tins with teaspoons of mixture!   surpice-pan-

Home Gadgets Daily

Ever wondered how some people manage to get the cherry bang in the middle of their cup-cakes? Now you know their secret!   Baking-tools-decorating-gun-decorating-bags-decorating-device-decorating-mouth-set-cake-icing-bags-baking.jpg_350x350

Ali Express

Make light work of delicate and intricate icing with this handy icing gun. fcaf7ef65c8de39f17eac476cf099322


This jug has a digital display to take the guess work out of accurate measuring, article-2640458-1E3C44EF00000578-149_634x525


You'll never have to wash-up again if you make your own edible or throw-away dishes with this innoative gadget.

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