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10 must see halloween interiors for 2013

It's that time of year again when we decorate our homes with ghouls and ghosts to join in the Halloween fun. Trick or treat your home to some great interior designs this years to make your Halloween one to remember.

Coffin Couch

A purple and brown couch that looks like a vampire coffin This coffin couch may not be everyone's ideas of a treat, but for some it's the ideal place to be sitting on 31st October.

This fabulous 'Ghost' chair has a spooky errieness which is enchanting.

Hallowen side table

Witches hat lamp shade on a green lamp and cobwebs all over the table Make your entrance special this Halloween by dressing your hall table with a witch's hat and a draping of fake spider's web.

Witches legs

A pair of which legs dangling down the chimney Add a touch of fun to your chimney by placing witch's legs - bottom half only - to give the illusion that she's fallen down, a neat trick which is very effective.

Simply Tasteful A witches broom leaning against a wall, by a front door

A home-made broom stick and a couple of pumpkins are all that's needed to show a tasteful side of celebrating Halloween.

Loving this easy idea of dressing your table's legs to make them look like witch's legs. Colour co-ordinate to compliment your table's colour theme.

Another fabulous example of dressed table legs - make them out of scraps of curtain fabrics and a little imagination for a great visual effect.

Easy Pumpkins

Three pumpkins stacked on top of each, with boo, eel and scare written on them You don't have to freak everyone out to set the mood this Halloween; you don't have to be have any carving skills either if you stick 'scary' words to your pumpkins.


A decorative witch on splattered on a front door, as if she crashed into the door off her broom Get creative and make the neighbours look twice when they see this witch splatted onto your front door.

Carved Pumpkins

Four pumpkins with Halloween scene on two, and two scary faces on the other two Carved pumpkins have long been a tradition for Halloween decoration. They seem to get more beautiful and complex every year. Be inspired to try something a little more intricate if you have a keen eye for detail and a steady hand.

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