Designer insights with Tait

Tait is the brainchild of Gordon and Susan Tait, and is an integral part of the Australian contemporary furniture vernacular, with showrooms all over Australia. Gordon is the Director and Susan the Creative Director, and together they design, prototype and manufacture versatile products that energise a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Tait is proud to be responsive to the market and currently offers 20 different ranges that have their own distinctive personality and sense of fun. So we are proud to bring you the Designer Insights of Tait.

Designer Insights - Tait

- Transcript -

1) In your own words describe your unique style and creative aesthetic?

Our designs are a response to the Australian outdoor lifestyle. This informs the shapes, colours and styling. The results speak of sunshine, relaxation, understated elegance with a dash of fun.

2) When starting a new project, what is your creative process?

We always ask questions "Where will the new furniture sit and how will people interact with it?” Then we create mood boards through which the visual language emerges and keep refining, refining, refining.

3) Out of the creative people you have worked with, who is it that you respect and admire the most?

We met Industrial Designer Adam Goodrum in 2009, an energetic, passionate and thoughtful designer with an incredible output. He listens to clients needs, finds solutions to surprise and delight. Willing and able to turn his hand to any project, it is no surprise he is being recognised internationally. Down to earth, hardworking and great fun, Adam is a joy to collaborate with. His Volley design is destined to become a Tait classic.

4) When looking for inspiration is there a particular thing you do to get inspired?

Inspiration can come from the most unsuspecting places but you have to clear your head to create space for it. We find travelling or being submerged in nature always works for us.

5) What has brought you to this point in your career? And what is your advice for people looking to follow in your footsteps?

Early on we recognised what business skills we didn’t have and sought out mentors to guide us. Since then we have surrounded ourselves with talented people who are equally passionate about they do and willing to work with you to achieve the best outcome.  This has enriched our offering and ultimately our working life.