Designer insights with Lisa Borgnes

Lisa Borgnes is the founder of the lifestyle and design blog, A Bloomsbury Life, which she started in 2008 writing from California. Lisa has a simple goal, to discover how to live a modern life through an old world lens. She is a published author, writing "Novel Interiors," which details how classic novels can inspire your decorating style. She is also an embroidery artist, and in 2013 the Huffington Post declared her one of "Five LA Women Artists to Watch". So we are proud to bring you the Designer Insights of Lisa Borgnes.

Designer Insights - Lisa Borgnes

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- Transcript -

1) In your own words describe your unique style and creative aesthetic?

I’m drawn to the tension between the past and the present. Tattered rugs with modern art, burlap curtains with Chanel chain tiebacks, antique velvet armchairs with the horsehair backs exposed.

2) When starting a new project, what is your creative process?

The feeling comes first – a particular elation about a color, a moment I want to capture, or a project that suddenly comes into view. Then comes research, research, research!

3) Out of the creative people you have worked with, who is it that you respect and admire the most?

Jenni Konner, the executive producer of HBO’s “Girls.” I designed the production office for her and Lena Dunham. She is a fearless visionary who inspires everyone around her.

4) When looking for inspiration is there a particular thing you do to get inspired?

I take countless photos when I travel of all the beautiful details and ideas that I see. When I’m home, looking through them is a feast for the brain.

5) What has brought you to this point in your career? And what is your advice for people looking to follow in your footsteps?

Don’t ever be afraid to start over. After 10 unfulfilling years as an advertising copywriter, I’m now doing what made me happiest as a child – writing (Novel Interiors, published by Random House), decorating my room (and other people’s!), and embroidering. If you’re passionate about something, chances are greater that success will follow.