Designer insights with John Jacques

John Jacques is a furniture designer and craftsmen, as well as founder of his company Radiance Furniture, which he established in 2012. John designs award winning and beautifully sculptured furniture from his studio in Wiltshire, closely working with clients to create unique commissioned work. He loves to blend nature with the human environment to create contemporary and timeless design, that are functional and innovatively designed. So we are proud to bring you the Designer Insights of John Jacques.

Designer Insights - John Jacques

- Transcript -

1) In your own words describe your unique style and creative aesthetic?

I'm inspired by nature and the human environment. Where appropriate my designs bring the outside inside and explore the contrast between the natural and the made object.

2) When starting a new project, what is your creative process?

My designs reconcile contemporary design with a timeless aesthetic by combining functionality, innovation and artful craftsmanship. It’s important to me that each piece is designed and made to the highest quality.

3) Out of the creative people you have worked with, who is it that you respect and admire the most?

It’s a difficult question as I’ve met many amazingly creative people! Fred Baier is a favourite of mine and a lovely bloke! His work is so fun and flamboyant as well as being current and relevant to the times they were designed. I really enjoy the sense of humour he manages to convey with his designs even though some of it isn’t something I’d choose to live with!

4) When looking for inspiration is there a particular thing you do to get inspired?

Lying down on the sofa and staring at the ceiling is a good start! Just giving the mind space for ideas and solutions to arise. It’s more about reducing the blocks to creativity that trying to induce it. It exists in the mind always, it’s a question of accessing it and selecting the right idea.

5) What has brought you to this point in your career? And what is your advice for people looking to follow in your footsteps?

Passion and perseverance. Designing and making furniture and working with beautiful wood just feels like what I should be doing. I like to experiment with my designs, which keeps it fun and I hope that shows through in my work. My advice for people starting out is get your work out there and listen to peoples feedback but have confidence in your vision!