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Should I match cushions to my room colour and design?

This is a difficult question to answer as people can have very different views about what the word ‘match’ means. To some it would mean an exact colour, fabric and design match, whilst to others it might mean simply something that compliments the overall look of the room whilst perhaps being completely different in aspect. Whatever your thoughts on this it is possible to find the cushions that give the look you want fairly easily.

Cushions can be found in a bewildering array of colours, sizes and shapes to fit virtually any area of the home. The wide use of man-made fillings, like foam that is easily cut to virtually any shape, means that there are very few places now that a cushion cannot be found to fit and there are also many outlets that will custom make cushions for those extra difficult places or you can make your own.

Bright Yellow Cushion On Black Leather Bench

Using cushions of different sizes and shapes can give a new depth to your room and add a touch of luxury or comfort to a seating area or bed. When adding cushions always bear in mind that there is such a thing as too many especially on the bed, and consider the time needed to remove them every night before sleep and to replace them every morning when the bed is made.

But if that's a core you are willing to accept then add as many cushions as you want! When adding cushions to your room firstly stop and take a good look at what you have already. Is there one particular item that you are fond of and could you use it as the base of your cushion match. It might be curtains or blinds, a favourite rug or even a striking ornament or lamp.

You might be inspired by the colour, shape or design of any one of these and finding a matching cushion would bring a sense of colour balance to the room. Remember at this point that your cushions can either enhance your existing décor or create a totally new look depending on what you want to achieve. The humble cushion has become the easiest and probably cheapest way of revamping a tired room. There is such a huge choice available now that no matter what your needs the cushions are there to fit.

Rainbow Selection Of Coloured Cushions, Red, Orange, Yellow And Green

Generally your room décor will reflect the colour-ways and designs that are your personal tastes and therefore it would probably be wise to stick to a similar style of cushion. That said it is possible to create stunning effects using cushions that complement colours but are bolder and brighter than perhaps you might normally choose.

The cushion can be a very cost effective way of changing your décor without having to redecorate completely. It might be prudent at this point to consider the type of cushion that would be best for your needs as some cushions can be extremely expensive, and if you have children or pets around the home then perhaps it would be wiser to go for a slightly cheaper and more hard wearing option. Washing your cushion covers will take its toll overtime, as will sun damage and general wear and tear.

Many of the more expensive cushions will need specialist cleaning and this could be costly. It is a good general idea to use larger cushions to the back of your design and keep smaller perhaps more colourful or designer style cushions to the fore where they will create the best effect. One or two clashing colours can give a dramatic and eye catching display, as can large prints or bright designs.

Alternating Cushions Colours On A Blue Corner Sofa

If you are looking for a touch of luxury then why not add some fine silk or soft woollen cushions to the mix. Alpaca is a very fine soft wool that can be expensive, but with the proper care will last a very long time as will silk. Remember that your cushions and all your home furnishing are ultimately a reflection of your personal tastes and as such are unique to you.

Before you start deciding whether to match your cushions to your room colour and design do a little research about what would best suit your life style and tastes. Browse online, take advantage of our helplines and guides. Take a look at what other people have in their homes, and then choose cushions that best suit you personally and the style of your home.

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