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Can I mix and match different cushions or should they all be the same?

The cushion has been around for a very long time and has come a long way, these days the cushion is a vital part of any home décor. There are not many households that are totally without at least one cushion and most homes have several throughout the various rooms. The cushion has evolved from the rather uncomfortable square of hard leather first used in draughty manor houses and is now available in an enormous array of sizes, colours and shapes made to fit any area and any style.

When you consider the diversity of cushions that are available to choose from then why would you limit your choice to just one single type of cushion? Although there is nothing wrong with having matching cushions and a stylish display can be created by using cushions of the same pattern or colour mixed together, but why not splash out and be a little more adventurous with contrasting colours and patterns?

Grey And Bright Yellow Cushions On A Dark Grey Sofa

If you need a little inspiration then take a look at the displays in home décor magazines or better still sit down in the comfort of your own home and browse our interior design blogs. These are always a good starting point as you can take your time and there are no closing times to worry about.

Stores like Terrys Fabrics are a great source of information and they offer a comprehensive advice line where any questions that you have can be easily answered, as well as a full money back guarantee just in case you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Many new sofas today come with their own cushions included, but sometimes they might not be just what you want.

Whatever the reason, if this is the case then just add a few cushions of your own choice either for comfort or simply to add a little colour or texture to your display. Remember that cushions come with several types of fillings from natural fibres right through to man-made foam, and each type of filling will give a different type of cushion. So, deciding what you want from your cushions will affect the type of filling that you should choose.

Light Grey Sofa Being Cleaned Using Spray And A Cloth

It’s also worth thinking about the cover fabric of your cushion as some fabrics such as silk or wool may need specialist cleaning care, so if you think you might need to wash your covers fairly often, perhaps if you have children or pets, then perhaps something hard wearing like cotton or a man-made fabric such as polyester/cotton would be a good choice for you.

And it’s not just your sofa that can benefit from the addition of a few well chosen cushions, bedrooms too can be given a new brighter look or a warm and cosy feel just by adding a couple of chic cushions. If you want a warm and inviting look go for soft muted colours in delicate, tactile fabrics such as velvet or faux silk, but if it’s brightness you want why not try a few well placed cushions in attractive neons or animal prints.

A statement cushion on a favourite chair can give a room a new focal point as well as making a fabulous cosy place to sit. The addition of cushions to a window seat can create a uniquely inviting new space that lures you to sit down for a while and take in the outside view. When it comes to matching cushions to your décor remember that you can match colours, shades, patterns or designs. A match does not have to be a perfect reflection, indeed sometimes an exact match can be visually overpowering and detract from your room rather than adding to it.

Pink And White Cushions Arranged On A Bed And A Soft Pig Toy

Matching one single colour-way or pattern throughout your room can give the illusion of space whilst still keeping the look of a coordinated style. One or two clashing colours or patterns will draw the eye and make a focal point, whilst larger cushions in plain colours can give the idea of comfort.

Furthermore mixing these with smaller more detailed patterned cushions can create a stunning visual effect. Remember that your cushions are a reflection of your personal style and as such are your individual choice. With the huge diversity of cushions available there is little doubt that the cushion for you and your home is just waiting to be discovered.

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