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What to look for with children's fabrics

Kids curtain fabric is a fantastic way to theme a child’s bedroom or play area without permanently affecting the décor of the room. Though paint, wallpaper and floor coverings are all extremely effective and visually impacting forms of decoration, the problem they present is their relative permanence compared to curtain fabric and soft furnishings. In most rooms, this would be fine, a plus point even, but children grow up quickly and their likes and loves change extremely rapidly. By maintaining a neutral but fun background then dressing a room up with fabrics in various guises is the best way to creating a strongly themed yet completely adaptable children’s room.

Fabric versatility and choices

Fabric can be used in so many different ways. In a bedroom by far the strongest way to add a theme is through the bedspread. The bed should always be the focus of any bedroom as this helps define the purpose of the room, therefore promoting a more restful night’s sleep. Covering such a central object top to bottom in a childrens fabric will have an instant impact on the surrounding room and provide a solid reference point when choosing other colours, furnishings and objects for the room.

When choosing a quilted bedspread it is wise to allow your child full reign over what they would like. Involving your child in the decorating process is vital if you want them to take ownership of the room and keep it clean once it is finished. However you may run into difficulty if you let them choose things that aren’t so easily removed. A good route to take is idols and heroes- Rita Ora bedding for girls and David Beckham for boys will usually keep tears at bay.

Curtain fabric choices for children

Most other fabric items can be used in both a bedroom and a playroom. Curtains are particularly good if it is a strong theme you want as they take up a significant amount of room. For a harmonious ambience you could then choose the same fabric to create cushions, a play mat or even some beanbags. Purchasing a large roll of wholesale fabric is a really cost effective way of ensuring that all of your fabric covered furnishings match. Usually the more you buy, the better deal you get so it makes sense to get as creative as possible!

When choosing fabrics, a good idea is to look to your child’s toy collection for inspiration. Looking at the type of dolls, toys, or books that they have is great way to ensure success. Children’s fabrics come in so many themes- boats, trains, clowns, cars, planes, flowers, cartoons characters can all be found without too much trouble.

Bringing out your inner child

Unlike other decorating tools, fabric allows you to daring and helps to bring out your inner child. And that can only be a good thing- yes your child will be overjoyed with the results of your new found playfulness but will probably have a great time along the way! Just don’t get carried away- a circus themed kid’s bedroom is one thing, a Barbie themed bathroom is another thing entirely!

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