The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Blinds

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

For kitchens, blinds are the most practical choice. However, as there are so many choices for blinds, it can still be difficult to know which is best for your kitchen.

Different types of blinds are generally more suited to certain kitchens and the placement of your kitchen window could determine which type of blind is most suited to you. 

There are a lot of determining factors in deciding the best kitchen blinds for you, such as privacy concerns, window placement and kitchen placement. Of course, the final decision will also come down to personal preference, but it is good to have plenty of kitchen blind ideas to choose from.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are typically associated with being a popular choice for spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms however they are also a great choice for kitchens. When they are lowered, roman blinds provide maximum privacy and light control. Roman blinds are good for the majority of window placements but if they are to be place above the sink or countertop it may be worth considering whether they will easily get dirty.

Beige roman blinds with a colourful leaf pattern

Roman blinds are typically made of fabric; therefore, it may be harder to remove stains than if they were wooden of plastic. Roman blinds are generally a better choice for windows which look onto a main road or garden as they offer the most privacy.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are one of the most popular choices for kitchen blinds. They are definitely the traditional kitchen blind. Similar to roman blinds they offer complete privacy when lowered and they are available in range of different materials and prints to compliment any kitchen design. They can be fitted into most windows and offer great light control.

Roller blinds are available in a variety of materials including vinyl which makes them a perfect choice for kitchens as they can be easily wiped clean should any food or splash from the sink get on them. Many kitchen windows tend to be placed above sinks and countertops, so this is a good option to have.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are becoming increasingly popular and make a good choice for a kitchen. One of the things which dictates the type of blind you choose is generally window placement.

What your window looks out onto can play a huge role in deciding which type of blind is best for you. For kitchen windows which look out onto a main road, privacy will be super important to you and venetian blinds make a great choice if privacy is a priority.

White and cream living room with cream sofas and white venetian blinds at two windows

Venetian blinds are a great choice as they offer a lot of flexibility; they can be controlled to let in specific amounts of light whilst keeping your kitchen private and out of view of the main road. When the slats are fully closed you can have complete privacy and blackout whereas slightly open, they can still offer privacy whilst letting in a little light.

Vertical Blinds

Similar to venetian blinds, vertical blinds offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to light and privacy control. Typically, vertical blinds have been more popular within office and workplace settings, but they are making their way into the home. They offer a modern alternative to traditional styles such as venetian blinds.

As with venetian blinds these make a great option for those whose kitchens face a main road as they allow you to control the amount of privacy and light your kitchen is getting.

Vertical blinds make a great choice for larger kitchen windows and windows which face onto the garden as again they allow privacy levels to be controlled but still allow light to enter the room and provide an excellent garden view.

Wooden Blinds

A type of venetian blind, wooden blinds are also great for offering a lot of privacy. As previously mentioned, venetian blinds offer great privacy and light control; as do wooden blinds. The advantage of having faux wooden blinds in a kitchen is that they can be easily wiped clean.

This makes them extremely popular choice for windows which are placed above a countertop or sink. Faux wooden blinds are the perfect choice for many kitchens as they offer easy maintenance, maximum privacy and light control.

There are no rules to kitchen blinds (or kitchen curtains for that matter), but generally some blinds are better suited to certain window placements. In the end it is your personal choice which blind you choose but we hope this handy guide to has given you some interesting kitchen blind ideas.

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