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Choosing floral patterned blinds to add a touch of nature to your home

Add a touch of nature to your home using stylised window blinds. With a multitude of colours, designs, floral patterns and styles to choose from there is a floral patterned blind to suit every style of home and decorating motif. Designers take inspiration from nature to create designs and patterns with a floral theme, some replicate actual flowers, while others infuse artistic impressions by mixing modern colour-ways to suit modern and contemporary décors. There are plenty of options when it comes to modern patterned vertical blinds – and florals make a great choice.

Small and Dainty

Small and dainty floral patterns are ideal for creating a country cottage look. The print is repeated to give an all-over pattern that is reminiscent of flowers growing in the garden. These small, dainty patterns are perfect for small and medium size windows either on roller or Roman blinds. Both of these styles of blinds allow plenty of natural light to enter the room during the daytime and when lowered at night provide privacy. Operated by a cord system you can also part raise both roller and Roman blinds to block out harsh sunlight as it moves across the sky or to create a modern look to windows.

Blind With Floral Design

Small floral patterns can also be found on vertical blinds. These are ideal for conservatories and sun rooms, where the subtle pattern merges naturally with the outside garden making it appear that the room is a sheltered extension of your outside space.

Single Flowers

Today's customised blinds digitally print images of real flowers that make a visual impact in the room. These beautiful roller blinds are masters at proving plenty of light by exposing the entirety of the glass when raised, and at night when lowered, provide you with a modern piece of wall art. This style of window blind is ideal for modern and contemporary interiors.

Big & Bold

Big, bold floral patterned are ideal for large windows. Typically this type of design includes blooms, stems and foliage that wends it way up the fabric. Bold patterns aren't for quiet rooms such as bedrooms, they make a statement that takes centre stage making them perfect for family rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

Geometric Designs

Geometric patterns are one of this year's interior design trends. They are perfect for retro, modern and contemporary homes. Roman blinds with a geometric floral pattern look stunning in living areas and for bedrooms choose geometric floral patterns with blackout lining for curtains or blinds to help keep unwanted light from entering the room.

Bold patterned vertical blinds work great in a range of homes – whether you prefer the more contemporary or retro, they work with their surroundings whatever they may be.

Bright & Vibrant

Brining a fresh new look to many styles of home, bright, vibrant window blinds are the ideal choice for kitchens, dining and living rooms. Roman and roller blinds in vibrant colours compliment plain walls beautifully, bringing visual contrast the room. Abstract floral designs are ideal for contemporary décors, while designs representing sweet peas, delphiniums or poppies offer a chic design for modern interiors.

Floral Pattern Blind

Muted & Calm

Muted, calm colours are ideal for bedrooms. Floral patterns of lavender and roses bring a traditional formal garden flowers into you home, making them ideal for country cottage, manor house and traditional decorating motifs. Two-tone colour Roman blinds are ideal for creating a calm and relaxing ambience.

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