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10 of the Best Home Office Ideas For Men

Men have specific needs when it comes to décor; this is especially evident in a home office where making the distinction between home and work life needs to be evident. Typically a no-nonsense approach is preferred, although not always the case. Colours tend to be darker than those chosen by women, blacks, blues, browns and greys for example.



Kawaii Twinkle

Well organised, uncluttered in soft grey with cream accessories gives this home office a chic contemporary look to suit a professional who works from home.




High-end Shabby Chic is great for a man’s office. With hints of the colonial past this office shows this man has discerning taste and is well travelled.



Stylish Eve

A basement can be transformed into a trendy office space; capitalising on reclaimed natural materials.



Lulu Vintage Day Dream

Black and white are always winning colour combos; looking especially good in a home setting where a more relaxed vibe is acceptable without deviating from the purpose of the room.



Digs Digs

Men love to show off trophies and collections and there’s no better place to do so than in their office! These personal touches add a homely touch without distraction.



OLPOS Design

Minimalism works well for some men; invigorating grey and green are calming yet inspirational colours that are perfect for creative minds.




Art work is a great way to decorate plain walls; more importantly when they are associated with the type of work being undertaken on a daily basis or used for inspiration. Charcoal grey and brown work well together without becoming to dark and foreboding.



A large, light airy room is perfect for work. Lots of open storage space is a great advantage too. White with black furniture is highlighted by a single orange office chair, giving this office a modern up-scale look.



modern-home-officeLulu Vintage Day Dream

Steel and leather coupled with two-tone grey gives this office the mature vibe of a modern professional.



home-office-design-menThree Mangoes

Pale blue and cream give this small home office a light and airy feel.

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