Yellow interior design ideas & tips

Yellow is an incredibly popular colour, both in nature and in interior design. One of the first things we think about that is yellow is the Sun, with its blazing radiance. It is also a very common sight in nature, both in flora and fauna. Using yellows when decorating a room, or entire home, is a great way to bring about this open and outdoor feeling of the sky above.

Here are some yellow interior design ideas & tips to get you started!

Yellow itself is incredibly versatile, being useful for just about every single room in your home. From bedrooms to bathrooms, studies to sculleries - every room can make use of it, either in a big way or just as an accent. If you are going for big bold yellows, then definitely make sure that it is a shade that is pleasing to the eye. While a bright lemon yellow may look fantastic as a very minor colour, it can be an eyesore if an entire room is painted with it.

Typically, the larger the surface, the less intensity you will want to use. It's very uncommon to see yellow carpets in homes, which are typically lighter shades. The main reasons for this is that they are not very resistant to show stains or blemishes - this makes them much shorter lasting than say a dark blue carpet. They also often become too overpowering if bright in colour, or look too dirty when a darker shade is used such as titanium yellow. While more and more people are turning to wooden flooring, carpets are still very common, and often provide a much more homely feel. Even if you do have laminate flooring, you can still make use of carpets and rugs. These allow you to incorporate yellow in to your home without having to repaint your walls - perfect if you are on a tight budget. You can use a variety of different objects to do this, from large to small.

Everything from tiny little knick-knack items, to wardrobes, tables and even chairs. You really can go to town and find a whole assortments of different items to compliment your chosen scheme. You may in fact only be using yellow as a secondary colour, with something more neutral as your main shade - if so then you can more easily get away with a very bright and bold lemon or maize for kitchen blinds or bedroom curtains.

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