What's your interior design style? Gothic

In today's post we're going to look at Gothic interior design ideas. This style is steeped in history and doesn't include vampires and 'the dead' as some people make think! Although some people do take being a Goth extremely seriously and have such things as coffins as coffee tables, however, this is not the norm! The basics: The style dates back to the Middle Ages when into a design was heavily influenced by Christian cathedrals.

This interior design style has seen a revival in different forms such as during the Victorian era and at the end of the last century with the sub-culture of modern Goths. The fundamental features include pointed arches open fireplaces, stained glass and wooden ceiling beams, whether they're genuine or faux.

Colour: Rich shades and colours such as ochre, violet, red, gold and not forgetting black are all prominent in this interior design colour scheme. If you're going for a Mediaeval style Gothic revival Hunter Green can also be used along with paint treatments such as murals or heraldic shield designs stencilled onto walls or stone-wall illusions of trompe-l'oeil (an art form involving realistic imagery which provides a 3D optical illusion).

Textures: Heavy oak furniture is ideal for this style either elaborately carved or more simplistic. Plush upholstery is a must; the use of velvet and crushed velvet, damask and jacquard materials are to be used everywhere. Surfaces: Hard surfaces such as stone, tiles or dark stained hardwood are typically used in a Gothic home. Add deep piled floor rugs in deep colours to give a cosier look to your home. There's no real rule about how much or how many items on display, however, the fireplace should be the focal point in the living room and you should ensure that you have a mirror above the mantle-piece to reflect the light from varying size candles.

Get the look: Full length velvet ready-made red or teal curtains are the ideal window treatment and will help create a magical atmosphere which is found in Gothic interiors. Accessories include the abundant use of candles, stone gargoyles and crosses. Wrought iron wall sconces, table lamps and black chandeliers and curtain rails are also ideal. In the bedroom opt for black bedding sets which are embellished with a variety of textures such as velvet or faux velvet flock swirls. You can make Gothic at home look is mystifying as you wish!

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