Up-cycling interior design ideas for your hallway

Your hallway is the key to your home. It should reflect the style of your rooms and be sufficiently inviting to tempt guests to explore further other to see whether your interior design flair is evident throughout your home. Giving your hallway a new look by up-cycling will also show visitors that your care about your carbon footprint and that you keep abreast of the current interior design trends. Sizes and styles Many hallways are compact, others are long and narrow, while those who live in large houses will have ample room that many of us would relish. There is one thing that the vast majority of hallways have in common is the lack of natural light. You may have glass panels in your door, glass panels either side of the door or a lead-light over the top. Whichever you have your main concern is to get as much natural light as possible into the space to make it look bright, airy and welcoming. Colour Choices If you've always has beige, tans or creams why not try something new? Silvery greys and whites look stunning together and can make a huge change to the look and feel of the space. Don't be afraid to use patterns – the old adage that small spaces shouldn't have large patterns has been turned on its head by interior designers, who are now encouraging us to step out of our comfort zone and be bold. Appropriate Flooring Your hallway is the heaviest traffic area in your home. Anyone who has, or had, carpet in their hallway will know just how grubby it can become in a short space of time. Stripped floorboards remain on-trend and can take a real hammering, especially if you use a polyurethane coating to help protect it from scratches and scuffing. Cheap rugs are a great idea for use in hallways. Not only can they help to trap any debris from being traipsed through your home they can also help ground your colour scheme and bring texture to a plain floor. Additional Features Hanging full length tab top curtains, or silver curtains if you're going for the silver and white colour palette, can bring a touch of class and refinement to a hallway. They're also a great way of giving your hallway a little insulation during the colder months. Add other accessories selectively – you don't have a lot of space so only include items which will enhance the style or are useful – such as a hall table or coat rack made from up-cycled hooks and an old broom handle.

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