Traditional living room ideas – a touch of vintage charm

Vintage is becoming an increasingly popular interior design style due to it ability to look stunning in traditional, modern and cottage styled homes. The cosy and informal look brings together a variety of different fabrics, colours and textures to create a living room which isn't pretentious and yet has a distinctive harm about it. Creating a Vintage styled living room doesn't have to be challenging as you'll probably already have the basics in place.

Pretty floral wallpaper with a creamy back ground is perfect for creating an informal focal point and looks particularly stunning when used on the recessed walls either side of a fireplace. If you don't have a fireplace just use the wall paper on one wall so that it doesn't overpower or swamp the room. Groups of Vintage china plates or on-trend groups of framed mirrors will look great on above the fireplace – small carefully chosen collections are preferable to filling a wall with unrelated items.

Choose soft pastels, such as lavenders, pale greens and tans, which compliment each other and don't vie for attention. The idea is to create a soft and welcoming living room which is full of interest without being too loud. Let your décor, furnishings and accessories speak for them selves. Floral blinds and curtains are the ideal window dressing and can be matching or complimentary. Striped will also work well, just as long as they're not too brightly coloured. Full length velvet curtains in a creamy mink will also suit this interior design style. If you have a bay window there's a wide range of different styles, colours and Vintage patterns in ready made curtains for bay windows to choose from.

This informal style shouldn't be confused with Shabby Chic; although there are some similarities Vintage Charm is well organised, with each piece having a connection to its neighbour to create an informal, yet orderly look. Trying adding a Vintage piece which is a little unusual and yet blends effortlessly with the room. A Vintage pony skin trunk or leather footstool can make a superb coffee table – just remember to use a tray when placing drinks on top if the surface isn't completely flat. Homely touches should also be included within your choice of accessories. Family photographs displayed in a group on a side table are a great way to show off this lovely interior design style. Seasonal flowers on large Vintage vases will give your living room a 'lived-in' yet chic style.

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