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The very best winter home decorating ideas

If you're going to be spending more time indoors than usual, thanks to the chilly season ahead of us, your home needs to at least feel homely and inviting. As temperatures drop outside, it’s time to welcome some winter wonderland charm to your interiors. Winter décor is all about bringing in rich, textural layers and seasonal shades that represent the time. Tap into the season's sweeping cosy and serene feel by sprucing up your home with our best winter decorating ideas.

Cosy Textiles

Soft accessories with extra comfort such as flannel sheets, cashmere or wool throws, and cotton bedding are the winter interior design trends that will keep you nice and toasty. Having some of these accessories draped over the back of a sofa, thrown on a bed, or rolled up in a large basket will also create the visual feeling of warmth and comfort. Moreover, knitted accessories should also be at the top of your shopping list this winter. Knitted poufs and big chunky cable-knits should take centre stage and replace subtle weaves. Having fun with textiles doesn’t just stop there either – add in faux fur stools with sheepskin rugs underfoot. That way you’ll keep your guests feeling cosy and content on those blistering cold days. Or if you simply want the stools to act as decoration – why not place a basket of DIY snowballs on top of them? That way your white Christmas will be more than guaranteed.

Winter Palette

Silvery tree branches, hazy plumes from the fireplace and icy windowpanes – it’s no wonder different tones of grey are a favoured winter décor trend. When it comes to colours, think nature’s neutral palette with shades of slate, charcoal, stone, mist and fog. However, be sure to balance the room out with accents in rich shades and warm colours. A dash of rich purple, bright orange or lively red will be enough to inject some life into your winter colour scheme. The Madison curtain in purple with its silver eyelet heading will add interest and detail to your winter utopia.

For a richer colour scheme with depth this season – look out for deeper hues of blue for instance midnight blue, indigo, royal blue and ink. Although a cool toned colour, dark blues ooze sophistication. Team this colour with gold accents for icy charm that still brings about a little warmth. For example, gold vases and frames will look beautiful with blue tones. If you want to push the boat out a little further, you could even add blue coloured furniture to your home.

Get the Wood Look

If you’ve ever dreamed of going to a log cabin in the woods with snow-covered slopes right on your doorstep – why not bring it to you instead? One of the qualities that makes such cabins unique is the abundance of wood indoors. Timber unquestionably evokes natural warmth, and incorporating wooden accessories into your interior will create a welcoming aesthetic. Think wood cabinets, a stylish dining table or even a simple coffee table in natural wood. To add a touch of winter to these furnishings, decorate them with a rustic, wooden tray filled with faux greenery, pinecones in a small ceramic basket and white pillar candles.

Bark and bare branches are also gorgeous Winter décor accents to add into your wood inspired interiors. You can bring to life the rustic and wintery look by using things such as birch wood inspired candles, bare branches in a jar or vase, forestry-inspired artwork or a pile of logs by the fireplace.

Walk On Clouds

If you want to feel like you’re walking on cloud nine – luxury rugs should do the trick. They will add extra depth to your interiors and establish a visually composed space. Ground your lounge seating arrangement with a lustrous rug, for a cosy and relaxing underfoot experience. Indulgent silky designs are especially enjoyable during the winter season, encouraging hours curled up by the fire with a good read. The movement found in such designs also helps by concealing dirt or heavy usage – some of winter’s less redeeming attributes.

Let it Shine

As we head into winter, the days begin to get darker faster, but that doesn’t mean your interiors have too. Use this lack of natural light as an opportunity to establish atmosphere with different types of lighting. Add in lamps, candles and look for bulbs with warm orange tones to give a cosy and intimate feel to your home. To enhance the ambience – hang pendant lights in warm hues and quirky shapes over your dining room table or a double heighted hallway.

Stick to Tradition

It’s without doubt this season brings about a lot of traditional charm which is ideal for winter décor. Inject tartan and checks into your home whether it’s through cushions or window treatments. They’re traditional and will certainly evoke a touch of heritage. The tartan Isla curtain in brick red is the perfect addition to any bedroom if you want to infuse a little winter warmth. If going all out with tartan curtains is too much for you, opt for a tartan throw for your bed, or even the sofa in the living room. Going for old school pieces for instance an antique bookcase will also help to master the traditional look. Antique bookcases are the perfect addition to any home as they’ll make your guests reminisce every time they visit.

White Wonderland

It’s understandable why we tend to gravitate towards white during the warmer, lighter seasons. However, there’s no reason as to why an all-white scheme can’t work in the winter months as well – after all we’re all dreaming of a white Christmas. The only rule here is to layer textures, so think white pieces in feel-good fabrics, for instance sheepskin, faux fur, leather, velvet and even crisp crockery. Pair with a roaring fire or logs wrapped in tealights – and before you know it, your winter getaway is right on your doorstep.

In your all-white boudoir, why not dabble with shiny materials? Try mirrored furniture, twinkly glass chandeliers and satin cushions for that sophisticated sparkle. We also recommend adding in an oversized buttoned headboard. Doing this is a smart way to establish an opulent atmosphere.

If the idea of all-white is too overwhelming, offset it with black for the perfect backdrop – a striking monochrome kitchen ticks all the right practical and aesthetic boxes. For instance, incoporate in white, handle-less units with a deep charcoal wall. This way you can have a little bit of subtleness as well as drama for the best of both worlds.

Getting your home all dressed up for winter starts now! Don’t be afraid of the chill, instead embrace it, because our winter décor ideas will give you a cosier climate to curl up in. This season, you can do what feels right for you when it comes to decorating your home. You can either let it snow with an all-white interior, go rogue with blue charm or spice it up with wood. Whatever you go for – your winter paradise is only around the corner.

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