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The chateau potagerie collection by angel strawbridge - at terry's fabrics

Chateau de La Motte Husson comes to Terry's Fabrics

On the fourth floor of the Chateau, a room that was formerly part of the servants' quarters has a glorious view of The Chateau's original walled garden. This room wasn't one of the first that Angel turned her attention to, in fact it was actually about 4 years before it got the attention that it deserved.

In the meantime the walled kitchen garden - or Potagerie - visible from this room, became Dick Strawbridge's passion and underwent its own transformation under the skilled talent of Dick's Hands; and as a result the view from the former servants' quarters got better and better.  Dick named the room The Potagerie Suite and from that moment the concept of another one of Angel's collections was born.Although gardening was Dick's passion and something a little bit out of Angel's comfort zone, she still managed to cleverly combine her love for Art Deco with items from the garden so adored by her husband; and the surrounding woodland of the estate.

The Potagerie collection features garden produce, watering cans, woodland foliage and wildlife and, of course, honey bees: all inspired by the activity in the garden and the harvest it yields and the grounds of the surrounding estate.    Angel has been quoted as saying of this collection that for her " has to tell a story - and this one is about love."


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